ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


UPDATED MAY. 26 2020


Weapon Changes

      Added ingame soldier bundles, identical to the soldier-bundles that are available as Steam-DLC

      • US Soldier Pack Infantry Assault
      • GE Soldier Pack Infantry Assault
      • SU Soldier Pack Infantry Assault
      • US Soldier Pack Infantry Medic
      • GE Soldier Pack Infantry Medic
      • SU Soldier Pack Infantry Medic
      • US Soldier Pack Infantry Anti-Tank
      • GE Soldier Pack Infantry Anti-Tank
      • SU Soldier Pack Infantry Anti-Tank

    Scoreboard and Color Blind Support

      • Split the scoreboard into two columns to clearly separate friends (left) from foes (right) and create room for a header. Individual columns widths have been reduced a bit to fit within a minimum resolution of 1280×720.
      • Added a header above the scoreboard that shows the game mode, location and the roles of each faction in Assault. For other game modes, it shows the faction names instead of roles (as both factions share the same objective)
      • To avoid clutter, other UI components are now hidden while the scoreboard is being displayed in the deploy menu.
      • Color blind crosshair option

    Weapons and Vehicles

      • Zoom when aiming increased on all weapons. (this also increased the zoom on scopes)
      • Range increased on MG-13, FG-42, and Johnson
      • Range slightly decreased on submachineguns.
      • M2 Carbine hipfire accuracy decreased.
      • M2 Carbine aiming accuracy increased.
      • STG-44 aiming accuracy increased.
      • Turning penalty increased for machineguns.
      • Accuracy increased for M18 Recoilless, M9A1 Bazooka, Granatbuchse.
      • Increased Recon Plane hitpoints by 20% (500 -> 600)
      • GAZ-67 regular seatchange now includes just one passenger seat.
      • SdKfz251 regular seatchange now includes just one (non-gunner) passenger seat.
      • SdKfz 251 primary passenger seat changed to the front seat
      • Fixed an issue with passengers getting fatigued on a sprinting bicycle
      • Fixed an issue where s.S. Patrone was unavailable for German Recon

    Town Map Changes

      • Fixed a graphical issue with some edges on the walls of the Church
      • Added proper texture to the ceiling of the Church Tower
      • Fixed a graphical issue on the bottom of the Spiral Staircase in the Church
      • Fixed an issue where players moving backwards crouched in the Spiral Staircase caused them to be stuck
      • Improved the colors around the doorways to the Spiral Staircase in the Church
      • Fixed several gaps in the roof of the Spiral Staircase in the Church
      • Fixed an issue where players were unable to capture D3 when prone
      • Adjusted the Capture Zone of Capture Point B4. The Capture Zone was captureable outside the intended area such as behind the stone bridge
      • Adjusted the Capture Zone of Capture Point A4. Players was unable to capture the point if you stood too close to a wall
      • Fixed a deadzone of the Capture Zone of Capture Point E3. Players could stand in a spot and be unable to capture
      • Adjusted the Capture Zone of Capture Point E3. Players was able to cap the point outside the intended area
      • Fixed an issue where the Player is unable to capture the Objective while standing at a very specific and small area at the top of the Spiral Staircase in the Church
      • Adjusted several crate locations
      • Fixed untextured power line wires can be observed on the street between bridge and O1
      • Fixed hovering untextured power line wire pair next to Police Station (O1)
      • Fixed untextured floating power line wires can be observed next to the church near O2
      • Fixed a house near O2 which was observed to be elevated from the ground
      • Fixed texture is missing from the ground next to a house between E4 and O1. Due to this issue, the player can see beneath the ground. However this doesn’t impact the gameplay in any way.
      • Fixed Police station water front – staircase issues
      • Fixed Missing texture between the floor and adjacent wall in the Police Station
      • Fixed Similar issue above the stairs between the first floor and the roof
      • Fixed a Missing texture at the entrance of the house
      • Fixed a Gap in transition from pavement to cobblestone near O1 Police Station
      • Fixed a Gap near the police station water front
      • Fixed a Gap at the bottom of window in ExtraRoom
      • Fixed Phones cables – going through house
      • Fixed hovering electrical wires

    Progression and Miscellaneous

      • Adjusted progression speed. New players now reach level 2 faster and also smoothed the progression curve. Requirements for the last two levels were also lowered
      • Fixed a material issue on Blitz truck
      • Fixed an issue where weapons in slot 0 didn’t unequip
      • Fixed an issue where Promotional helmets could not be equipped from the depot

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