ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Update 1.18.1 is here! Weapon Rebalance, Ground-to-Air Combat Adjustments, terrain fixes and more! Don’t miss out on what is new!

Weapon Rebalancing

Working with our community we have been tweaking many weapons on our public test server. Our goal with this patch is to balance weapons better – several weapons have been performing better than intended and vice versa. Starting with this update, we are going to look into doing more balance updates to improve Heroes & Generals for the better.

We have normalized many stats of all weapons to each specific weapon group. All weapons have also seen sway reduction when standing still, while increasing when moving. Specific weapons have also seen Rate of Fire changes, both increases and decreases.

For a full list of the changes you can take a look at our Changelog!

Ground to Air Rebalancing

We have also revisited ground to air combat in update 1.18.1! The aim of these changes is to increase the fun factor of being infantry. This has been done with focus on vehicles, mostly tanks and planes.

Starting with tanks, we have adjusted the armor of most tanks, making the actual armor of the tank stronger but several medium tank destroyers now share around the same health pool as light tanks. This will also improve tank vs. tank combat – while tank destroyers pack a punch, their sturdiness is their weakness in many cases. Tanks have also seen a few adjustments to their armaments, this includes Coaxial, Turrets and Vehicle Mounted Machine Guns along High Explosive Shells.

Along the vehicle changes the planes also received quite a few substantial changes. They are more vulnerable to ground fire and damage toward ground targets have been decreased – this also means that planes do less damage to planes.

For all the specific changes you can check out our Changelog!

Terrain Fixes

We have a bunch of terrain fixes on several maps and done a few changes to improve the overall experience as a Soldier! Maps affected are Forward Airfield, Town Map, Samrée Depot and Colmar Hamlet.

Most maps have had their floating ammo, panzerfaust and medic crates grounded and vice versa for buried crates and props.

The Town Map has also received some well deserved love. The distance between the curb and the cobblestone road in the center of the town has been decreased, vehicles should no longer have trouble maneuvering.

We have also smoothed the terrain along the river on Colmar Hamlet and increased the height of the terrain under the river for easier crossing both on foot and in vehicles.

Vehicle Damage Indicator

In 1.18.1 we have introduced a vehicle base damage indicator to the UI. Knowing your strength in combat and how you should approach the enemy is critical. In the bottom middle of your screen you are now fully aware of your vehicle’s condition indicated by green/red color.