ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Update 1.18 is here and you can look forward to a new mission user interface and Anti-Air overhaul alongside many Quality of Life improvements and bugfixes!

Incoming Infantry Elite DLC bundles

For our players on Steam we added Elite Infantry DLCs to jump directly into battle and compete against the best! This week, we will add each faction’s three Infantry DLCs into a bundle at an even greater discount! 

Keep your eyes open and get ready to assemble your Elite Fireteam!

User Interface Overhaul

Our User Interface now shows more and is streamlined for the Soldiers to understand what is going on and where your focus during the battle should be!

In matches, you now have a counter on top to tell you what is happening. Intricate rules such as attackers capturing a point after 20 minutes giving extended time are now fully communicated. Soldiers can now see the timer go up with a message explaining why during the heat of the battle.

Capture point icons now communicate the progress of the current capture in addition to which team is capturing it!

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Anti-Air Overhaul

Anti-Air guns are now more intuitive, less intrusive to your field of view and are working better than ever! Take the over-hauled Anti-Air guns, whether stationary or on wheels, for a spin and maintain air superiority on the battlefield!

New Unique “Lucky” Skins for all Trucks

Inspired by the stories of the Red Ball Express and Nose Art, we wanted to give the Trucks in Heroes & Generals WWII a unique and awesome looking skin!

These trucks are sure to make your teammates see that YOU are supporting your team with reinforcements for flanking the enemy!

Map Fixes and Quality of Life improvements

The sounds of a drowning motor should be less frequent now on Colmar Hamlet! Fords have been added to the river for vehicles to cross over without being in danger of constant barrage on the bridge! 

We are looking forward to a more balanced Colmar Hamlet and how you, the Soldiers on the battlefield, will respond to this change!
Several map fixes have also been deployed for a better experience!

Don’t forget to check out the changelog for a full overview of changes!