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UPDATED FEB. 18 2020

HOTFIX 164395 – [18.02.2020]

    • Veteran Celebration Event is over. War Production and Stockpiles has been reverted to normal
    • Starting Capital has been reverted to normal:
      • US: Stocholm and Copenhagen
      • GE: Bordeaux and Marseille
      • SU: Moscow and Minsk
    • Captured Resources after a Match has been reduced by 66% for Staged and 70% for War
    • Fixed an issue with Leaderboards not synchronizing properly. It should work correctly now.
    • Potential fix for the issue where a player would not get rewards from a long War Battle

HOTFIX 164167 – [04.02.2020]

    • Fixed mines floating in shallow water
    • Fixed bots appearing in War Mode
    • Fixed displaced electric wires
    • Changed starting Capitals for Veteran Celebration event running from 4th Feb to 18th Feb
      Starting Capitals US London, Rome, Istanbul, GE Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Paris, SU Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk
    • Fixed Sandbags and barbed wire entanglement floating above ground on Hill 60

Update 1.17.1 – Minor Release

    Gunplay Changes

    Improved Ironsights

      • Karabiner 98 Kurz
        Enlargened Rear Sight Notch, Enlargened Front Sight Post, Camera moved forward.
      • Granatbüchse 39
        Enargened Rear Sight Notch, Camera moved back.
      • Johnson M1941
        Enlargened Rear Sight Aperture, Edited Front Sight, Camera moved back.
      • M3 “Grease Gun”
        Enlargened Rear Sight Aperture. Camera moved back.
      • M1A1 Carbine
        Enlargened Rear Sight Aperture, Widened Front Sight Post, Camera moved back. Moved Rear Sight Forward.
      • M1/M2 Carbine
        Enlargened Rear Sight Aperture, Widened Front Sight Post, Camera moved back. Moved Rear Sight Forward.
      • MG34
        Corrected sight alignment. Camera moved back.
      • M1 Carbine
        Enlargened Rear Sight Aperture, Widened Front Sight Post, Camera moved back. Moved Rear Sight Forward.
      • DT-29
        Camera moved back.
      • Panzerschreck RPzB 54
        Camera moved Forward
      • Gewehr 43
        Enlargened Rear Sight Notch and Front Sight Post.
      • Maxim-Tokarev MT
        Edited Rear Sight, Lengthened Front Sight Post. Camera moved back.
      • Panzerfaust 60
        Camera moved back.
      • PPD-40
        Enlargened Rear Sight Notch.
      • Bazooka M1A1
        Camera moved back.
      • Fallschirmjägergewehr 42
        Enlargened Rear Sight Aperture, Widened Front Sight Post.
      • PTRD-41
        Camera moved back.
      • Panzerbüchse 39
        Enlargened rear sight notch.
      • M1903A1
        Edited Rear Sight. Fixed issue with normals.
      • M1 Garand
        Slightly widened Front Sight Post. Camera Moved Closer
      • Tokarev SVT-40
        Widened Front Sight Post.
      • Thompson M1A1
        Widened Front Sight Post.
      • PPS-43
        Edited sight alignment
      • MG42
        Enlargened Rear Sight Notch. Camera moved Forward.
      • MP40
        Enlargened Rear Sight Notch, Widened Front Sight Post.
      • Degtyaryov DP-28
        Added Rear Sight.
      • Ampulomet
        Changed to 12.5m sight increments from 25m.

    Plane Adjustments

      • Increased airbrake performance on planes
      • Increased the height where landing gear is lowered

    Map Fixes

      Mountain Town

      • Fixed several Objective’s Terrain Height
      • Fixed several Objective’s Collision
      • Fixed Several Floating Props
      • Fixed Several Buried Props
      • Fixed Buried Civilian Truck Spawn
      • Expanded Capture Zone E1 to Fully Include Houses
      • Fixed Collision on Several Props


      • Fixed Several Textures on Bunkers
      • Fixed Buried Bunkers
      • Fixed Several Steep Roads
      • Expanded Capture Zone C1
      • Removed Several Rocks on Roads


      • Fixed Several Steep Roads


      • Fixed Several Heightmap Issues
      • Fixed Buried Train Tracks
      • Fixed Dirt Covering Trenches
      • Fixed The Steep Road in the South Western Area
      • Removed Several Rocks on Roads


      • Removed Rocks from C1 Spawn Points
      • Removed Rocks from C2 Spawn Points

      Forward Airfield

      • Expanded Capture Zone O1 to Fully Include Houses

      Village Skirmish

      • Expanded Capture Zone O2 to Include The Roof


      • Expanded Capture Zone B1 to Include The Whole House Area

    Other Fixes

    • Now, if the skirmish battle only contains infantry-type resources, a random battle of type “Capture and Hold Infantry” is created (previously only encounter battles; can now also include skirmish maps). Otherwise a random battle of type “Capture and Hold” is created.
    • Moved War Mode to The Large Tiles when opening the Match Maker
    • Fixed Several Flash Crashes
    • War Mode has been added to the Match Maker’s Advanced Filters
    • Adjusted Staged Battles Captured Resources Formula to Only Resources Left – Effectively Increasing the Resource Yield
    • Adjusted price of Driver Ribbon Rank 2
    • Adjusted price of SMG Assault Rank 9

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