ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Winter is here and the Cold Front must be fought on!


It seems like we are having a snowy holiday! Snow has covered all of the lands and in the holiday season you might also find a few snowballs in your pockets!

The snowfall effect is active through the holiday season, if you want the snow to be a core part of Heroes & Generals, please let us know in the forum!


Soldiers now have more holiday skins available for a Limited Time Only!**
You will find three new Anti-Tank Holiday Skins along the recurring Submachine Gun skins!

Holiday Skins

    • Bazooka M9A1 < NEW!
    • Panzerbüchse-39 < NEW!
    • Ampulomet Model 1941 < NEW!
    • Thompson M1A1
    • Maschinepistole 40
    • PPSh-41

We have also added 6 new skins to Planes

    Dark Earth & Green

    • American Medium Fighter Plane Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
    • American Recon Plane Curtiss O-52 Owl

    Forrest Splitter

    • German Heavy Fighter Plane Messerschmitt Me410 B-2
    • German Recon Plane Henschel Hs 126 B-1

    Kozhedub Two Tone

    • Soviet Heavy Fighter Plane Petlyakov Pe-3bis
    • Soviet Recon Plane Polikarpov R-Z


We are celebrating the Holiday Season with a Grand 30% OFF Winter Sale!***

The sale is comprised of three different categories, professional tools, joyride and best look! Each category has different items on sale and we will cycle through each category one at a time during the Holidays!

Follow this link and keep an eye out! Get exactly what you want for this Holiday!


We have shifted focus away from the new assault map and into the current maps to make sure they are on par with the gameplay experience we have envisioned. This includes but is not limited to some terrain fixes! To that extent, the Airfield map has been the main focus of update 1.17 – more cover for infantry, new routes for flanking and a better experience all-together!

Terrain fixes have been deployed on Samrée Depot, Sawmill, Airfield, Factory and Mountain Town maps. This should fix much of the uneven terrain and we will continue to monitor and correct any terrain issues.


Assault Teams will now be put into an account based queue. When your account is No. 1 in queue you will have your prioritized Assault Team deployed if resources are available, then your account will go back to the bottom of the queue.

This feature will allow all players to have a fair chance in deploying their Assault Teams while introducing more strategic planning of which Assault Teams to deploy first.


We have recently set up a new way to build our houses, in update 1.17 we are soft-launching one of the new houses on Colmar Hamlet map with many more to come!

We have upgraded the American Truck, 1/4 ton, 4×4, the German Kübelwagen Typ 72 and the Soviet GAZ-67 to PBR. They now look better, have a speedometer, better glass effects and a lot more details.


Fixed an issue with Special Classes not being limited in the matchmaker. Special Classes joining a match are once again limited to 6 in total with a limit of 4 per type.
See the rest of the Changelog here!

Login, chain your wheels, paint your arsenal and head into battle on new terrain now!


* Snowfall is in effect between 18th December to 7th January 2020 @ 10AM CET
** Holiday skins available until Tuesday, January 7th 2020 @ 10AM CET
*** Winter Sale ends Tuesday, January 7th 2020 @ 10AM CET