ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Listen Up Soldiers!
Your new Major Update is here and with it a big change to how the game is played…

Keep reading to find out!


Getting the job done on the battlefield can be tough. Sometimes, pinning down the enemy with an unmatched rate of fire will do the job though.

Shoot your way to victory with these 3 new machine guns!

The German Maschinengewehr 13

The standard German light machine gun during the interwar years and into the beginning of the war. The name MG13 deceives the allies into believing it to be from WW1. This is an excellent piece of machinery, it features select-fire and an easy to use bi-pod.

The Soviet DT / DTM

Improving on the brilliant design of the DP-28, the DP-DTM is much more reliable and able to use a high capacity drum magazine. The addition of a pistol grip also makes this Soviet light machine gun much easier to control.

The Soviet Maxim-Tokarev

Even though this beast of a ‘light’ machine gun is old, it is still very relevant in the Soviet army. It features a 100 round drum magazine and the weight of the gun makes it very stable when firing from a prone position.


We have created new scopes for infantry soldiers which will replace the high magnification scopes previously available. This has been a community request and will change how the game is played as an infantry soldier for the better. We want infantry to focus more on being inside the combat zone rather than outside of it.

The new scopes will have a 1.9x magnification which is perfect for an infantry soldier who needs a little more precision in the middle of the battlefield.

The old Soviet Recon scope has been converted into an infantry scope. Recon soldiers with the old Soviet scope will have it replaced with a brand new 4x magnification scope.


With Update 1.16 we have added two new experimental game modes, a Recon vs. Recon and a Pilot vs. Pilot mode. 

Specialist battles will be played on our specialist map previously only used by Tank Crews. In order to win in any specialist game mode, you will have to secure the capture zone and hold it for a specific time period. AI controlled infantry will do their best to capture the zone and you will have to help them secure victory!

Recon Vs. Recon
Recons objective is to secure safe passage for the infantry by taking out the enemy. You have to be careful though – just like you, the enemy has recons sneaking around the map, take them out as soon as spotted!

Pilot Vs. Pilot
Your main objective as a pilot is to take out the enemy planes and bomb their infantry, make way for your infantry and let them capture the objective!

You can access the new game modes by clicking ‘To Battle’ in the client and choose experimental game modes!


Player feedback is important to us, streamlining our workflow and communication with our players has allowed us to work faster on community feedback and we will continue to improve upon that. 

We are introducing balance changes to the Tier 3 Fighter Planes to bring them more in line with each other while still distinguishing each planes unique superiority.

Take those planes out for a spin and tell us what you think!


Some players are not the fast twitch shooting Gods we all aspire to be, some players prefer the cozy interior of a tank, some may feel more at home on top of a hill with a fine tuned scope on a rifle. Regardless of your play style, we are now experimenting with giving players one of each soldier’s class for free upon unlocking them.

* This excludes Generals


We have been working on making Heroes & Generals WWII look better than ever. Many of our props and models have received a makeover and we will continue replacing old models with new more immersive ones.

The new props and models look better, provide better game performance and enhance gameplay through improved collisions. This will make sure your bullets hit where you aim, and not hit an “invisible” wall 🙂


We have added visual feedback to the players when your soldier is being healed or when your vehicle is being repaired!

We are proud to present Update 1.16. It’s a big one! Filled with more than a dozen additions, 50+ fixes and balances across the board + you now get 1 soldier per class for free (!!!).
We would like to say thank you to all our players who helped us with feedback.

What are you waiting for? Adjust your scopes, ready the payloads and head into battle!



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