ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Halloween is right around the corner and it is time to Trick or Bludgeon! In update 1.16.1 we celebrate Halloween by introducing a new melee weapon to the Heroes & Generals arsenal!

New Melee Weapon for Each Faction

Each faction will get a new Melee weapon. A Baseball bat for the Americans and Germans while the Soviets will get a Lapta bat!

Assert dominance and show your enemy you don’t need bullets to be the boss.

A Unique Halloween Skin will also be available for each of new bats, but for a Limited Time Only!*

Uniforms & Helmet Sale – 50% OFF

In further celebration of Halloween, our players will find that Uniforms & Helmets are 50% OFF with Gold! Stand out from the crowd and get yourself some new Costumes for a bloody good deal!

Bug Fixes

We have been working hard on crushing bugs to improve the game for our players. Here is a snippet of some of the bugs, for a full list please visit the changelog here.

New Infantry Scopes had a slight offset value related to the reticle, it has now been fixed.

Adjusted starting scopes for newly purchased US and Soviet recon Soldiers. All Recon Soldiers starts with a Rank 7 scope now. People who are missing a Rank 7 scope can expect it to appear within next week.

We have deployed several UI fixes for the action game. The ingame map grid was offset when zoomed in/out, newly added lines would overlap with control point names and soldier type drop down menu appearing empty sometimes was all fixed.

We have also fixed several Flash Client bugs related to missing titles, localization and store bundles.

Better Context for War Battles

With update 1.16.1 players will now be notified about Incoming Assault Teams before and during the battle. The flow of how assault teams arrive at the start of the battle has been made more snappy and faster.

Your faction’s resource overview are moved from the scoreboard to the top of the screen and will count down every time a resource has been used. You can now also see resources located at access points and spawn areas by hovering over them.

Generals who own incoming Assault Teams will have their names broadcasted along the details of their incoming troops.

Create your own legacy as a General and let the players know that you were the one to supply the resources to push back the enemy!

Get your costumes on, hit a home run and achieve notoriety among your fellow Soldiers now!



Click here to check out the full changelog!

* Skin and Uniform Sale ends November 4th 2019 @ 10:00AM CET