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We have seen a lot of unfortunate Soldiers having their helmet bent inwards by shovels. We have counted the winners and you can expect your reward(s) Tuesday 22nd October! Please read below how to get your reward!

The Ultimate Winner

Congratulations to the undertaker Paladohard for reaching a whopping 94 Kills in one hour! Big applause for the dedication and execution of their endeavor!

The reward is a one of a kind Gold Shovel engraved with their name and the amount of kills reached within one hour!

Top Shovelers

Congratulations to the following players for being among the best!
Please check your ingame mail on the 22nd October, this is where you will find your winner code!*

  • 83 Kills – данманблетище
  • 74 Kills – CmpMean
  • 71 Kills – WillhelmWinter
  • 71 Kills – Jäger1
  • 68 Kills – -_ELCАМХ_-
  • 65 Kills – BaHTy3
  • 65 Kills – VodkaVodka
  • 65 Kills – CamPINGstuhl
  • 63 Kills – Lobo[PT]

Also a big shout out to -_ELCАМХ_- for reaching 740 total shovel kills, 363 of them being unique players!

Gravedigger Event Shovel Skin

Good job to all of the players who managed to get over 50 shovel kills throughout the whole event. You can expect your skin to show up in the game client Tuesday 22nd October!

Thank you everybody for participating in this event!

If YOU have any great ideas for an event or if you have valuable feedback, please to let us know by clicking here!


* Codes are reserved per individual account, sharing the code will make it nonredeemable


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