ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


It is time to secure your strategic points – deny the enemy any new ground!
Defend Capture zones from attacking forces and get rewarded as a community!


For years three factions have fought against each other, but this time around, it is still against each other – but together! All three factions will fight as usual, but this weekend*, every “Capture Denial” kill will be counted in one big pool from all the players cross factions. As a community you have to gather as many “Capture Denial” kills as possible. The more you kill, the greater the credit discount!

Everyone’s a winner in this event, that is, if you manage to reach the goals!


In the week** following the event you will get a credits discount on weapon repairs. Here is the different tiers you as a community can reach:

    • 15% OFF- 250.000 “Capture Denial” kills
    • 30% OFF – 600.000 “Capture Denial” kills
    • 50% OFF – 1.100.000 “Capture Denial” kills
    • 75% OFF – 1.800.000 “Capture Denial” kills

Maximum achievable discount for the event

(Updated last at 12:30 CET 07/08/19)

Heroes! – The Capture Denial Event has come to a halt, and your efforts shine through with persistent brightness. Over the weekend you’ve accumulated a total of 855.798 capture denials! In that pool US forces added the base of 252.929, SU brought 248.721 and GE put the cherry on top with a whopping 354.148 denials!
We applaud all of your time and effort, and as a token of gratitude for participating we added a little extra RETO bonus – so everyone can enjoy a week of 50% repair discount on all weapons, weapon mods, ammo refills and handheld explosive repairs.

Stay tuned, heaps of stuff happening in Heroes & Generals this week!

During the weekend we will keep your updated every 24hrs with the progress the community is making, we will post info (like the image above) in this post and in our discord.


No matter what faction you are playing, get “Capture denial” kills by killing an enemy in a frontline Capture Zone currently owned by your team, or currently neutral and contested – Kills in Capture Zones that are not active or not on the front line do not count towards the kill count.

All “Denial” kills from across factions will be counted together in one big pool.
Reach the tiered goals to get more discount on credit repairs towards weapons!

If you want to humble brag on our discord about how many capture denials you personally added to the pool, You can monitor your stats, by clicking your username in the top right corner of the Heroes & Generals flash client, then click the medallion icon that appears in the column on the right marked “stats” – Capture denials will be in the list that appears in the column below.



* Event runs from July 5th to July 8th
** Reward will be enabled from July 9th until July 14th