You have worked hard and now your reward is here! All players will have 50% Credit discount on:*

  • All Weapon Repairs
  • All Weapon Mod Repairs
  • All Ammo Refill
  • All Handheld Explosive Repairs

The Capture Denial Event has come to a halt, and your efforts shine through with persistent brightness. Over the weekend you’ve accumulated a total of 855.798 capture denials! In that pool US forces added the base of 252.929, SU brought 248.721 and GE put the cherry on top with a whopping 354.148 denials!

We applaud all of your time and effort, and as a token of gratitude for participating we added a little extra RETO bonus – so everyone can enjoy a week of 50% repair discount on all weapons, weapon mods, ammo refills and handheld explosive repairs.


* Sale ends Sunday, July 14th 2019 @ 10:00 AM CEST