ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

The Soviets are being invaded! Take up arms and secure the victory for your faction!


The Operation Barbarossa event has begun! The Soviets are being invaded by the Germans and they are retaliating! Meanwhile, Allied forces have landed in France much earlier than expected!

Which side will be victorious? You control the war. Fight for your faction now!

Operation Barbarossa

After the battle of Dunkirk, all factions took a step back, in anticipation of further escalation. The Americans have been steadily bringing troops overseas into England to assist their endangered allies. The Germans have built new defences in France and amassed their forces in eastern Germany, to the growing dismay of Soviet generals.

The quickly mounting tension erupted into a full-blown invasion a few weeks ago, as the German troops heard the code words “Dortmund” and “Düsseldorf” over the radio: Operation Barbarossa was set in motion! Tens of thousands of tanks, infantry and other equipment simultaneously advanced into Poland, with Moscow as their final destination.

Still struggling to recover from the massive loss of men and equipment it suffered during the initial assault, the Red Army is nevertheless standing its ground against brutal odds. The Soviet leaders have now called upon every man, woman and child to contribute to the war effort! From the West to the Far East, soldiers are being drafted to fight for the Motherland. Trains are running back and forth through the entire country; will the reinforcements arrive in time?

The Objective:

If you are a Soviet General, use your additional resources wisely, fight against 2 strong enemy forces and gather your soldiers to victory!

If you are a German General, use the might of the German war machine to your advantage. Your enormous stockpile to conquer the rest of Europe!

If you are an American General, strategise with your allies and your troops to defeat the Enemies!

Each faction has its own advantages and challenges in the war, only one can prevail. Join the battlefield and pick your strategy to decide who will rule Europe!

Your Reward:

For the duration of this event* all soldiers participating in the WAR effort will get the following rewards:

  • 2 x Soldier rank experience bonus on top of the underdog bonus
  • Increased XP multiplier for the Battle ribbon x3 (only for stats that require battle victory, for both soldiers and commanders)
  • These rewards are valid for both soldiers (winning battles by combat) and commanders (winning battles by sending ATs)

The Battle ribbon unlocks the ‘Charismatic Leader’ combat badge that boosts morale on assault teams when worn by the commander.

Get in WAR Battles NOW and defeat your enemies for extra rewards!

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* Event runs from June 18th to July 2nd 2019