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It was the 22nd of June 1941 when the German armies marched into the Motherland, the Soviets fought hard to try and stop them. Millions would be left wounded, captured or killed.

War log day 8: London captured!

Our comrades… It feels strange to call them as such, not so long ago we were sworn enemies. Our comrades on the western front have lost hold of London and with that the southern parts of England. Our front is stable for now, but the Germans are with more and better armed. We will fight them no matter what, but if we do not regain our courage, we will never be able to hold them off.

War log day 6: A front in half

The Germans have continued to push into our lands. The lines between Istanbul and the rest of our grounds have been cut. The Americans on the other side of the world are having the same set-back as we do. Germany is strong, they seem unbreakable. Yet every enemy has it’s weakness. It’s time for us to find theirs…

War log day 3: The German Warmachine

Flames everywhere, explosions from all directions. The stream of bullets flying over us is endless. We tried to get out, retreat to the east. We were too late. The Germans have surrounded the city of Warsaw completely. We will try to hold them off for as long as we can, but it does not seem we will be able to hold them. Where are our reinforcements?