ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Community Hotfix

Thank you to all our loyal players who have been hard at work at giving feedback and helping us narrowing down fixes you wanted prioritized!

Before our next release we wanted to release this hotfix which addresses a lot of issues raised by you, the community. Our developers has been hard at work interacting and listening to our various media channels and are excited to bring you this hotfix!

Let us know what you think, and do not hesitate to give further feedback. We recommend you use the forum topic created by this blogpost to make it easier for us to collect your inputs and read through your discussions. 

Once again, thank you to all our players, below you can find the changelog for the hotfix.
See you in the next update, coming very soon!


HOTFIX 159848 – JUN. 25 2019

Anti-Tank Adjustments

  • Increased damage of penetrating shots by 25% on all vehicles
  • Increased Anti-Tank Rifles damage to armor by 25%
  • Increased Anti-Tank Rifles close range penetration by 13mm
  • Decreased Anti-Tank Rifles far range penetration distance from 700m to 300m
  • Decreased Panzerbüchse 39 chamber time by 500ms
  • Decreased PTRD-41 chamber time by 500ms
  • The following Anti-Tank weapons now all spawn with 1 additional ammo:
        – Bazooka M1A1
        – Bazooka M9A1
        – M18 Recoilless Rifle
        – GranatBüchse- 39
        – Panzerschreck RPzB 54
        – Ampulomet Model 1941

  • Increased time between each use by 1 sec. on the following anti-tank explosives:
        – RPG-43
        – Panzerwurfmine Lang
        – Hafthohlladung H3
        – S.T. Grenade No.74

Matchmaking Changes

  • Introduced a class limit for tankers, pilots and recons when matchmaking
  • A maximum of 6 special classes will be matched into a mission
        – Special classes can not exceed more than 4 of the same types in a mission with 2 factions
        – Special classes can not exceed more than 3 of the same types in a mission with 3 factions
          (This does not prevent players from swapping special classes in the action game)

Bipod Adjustments

  • Tweaked range for mounting bipods without looking directly at desired position
  • Mounting bipods will now take the highest point available
  • Fixed missing rotation on a few bipod legs

Progression Adjustments

  • Tier 1 Anti-Tank weapons moved to Infantry Assault level 5
  • Throwable Anti-Tank grenades moved to Tank Destruction level 4

Vehicle Effects

  • Fixed machine gun effects not being ignored in scope mode