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On the 26th of May 1940, the battle of Dunkirk began. The Allied forces beaten and broken tried to retreat back to Great-Britain, many lives were lost.

War log day 12: US on the defensive!

The counterattack has started! The Soviet faction retook the Balkan and pushed into Italy, meanwhile the Germans are moving in from the north. Rotterdam is lost, Germans have landed on the beaches of Scotland, and both factions are closing in on Prague. Fight hard men! This war is not over yet!

War log day 11: Northern front

A line has been drawn by the German forces, occupying the northern parts of Europe. Fierce battles are fought in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. The Soviet forces have been severely weakened and have withdrawn completely into Russia. Will they be able to counterattack?

War log day 7: Pushing into Russia

Dunkirk is out of reach for the Soviets and Germans now, we have been pushing them back on all fronts, and have now entered Russian soil. Will the Germans and Soviets be able to resist us? Or is this the beginning of the end for them? Only time will tell.

War log day 5: Assault on Copenhagen

The Germans had no time to prepare themselves for what was coming. Our parachutes darkened the skies as we dropped on the city of Copenhagen. The enemy had good equipment, but they were no match for our might. Today was a good day, and we managed to push all our enemies on all fronts. But what will tomorrow bring? This battle is far from over.

War log day 4: In the pocket

The generals decision? No retreat! We were ordered to move forward, the generals clearly had the right idea in mind. As we pushed from the north and south, the Soviet forces scattered quickly and after our fast advances against them, we were able to continue pushing into the German lines. We should not cheer too quickly though. They too have powerful generals, a counter-attack could come at any moment.

War log day 1: War everywhere

The landings in Italy and Turkey had the effect we were hoping for. Zurich was captured without much resistance, allowing us to cut the Soviet lines. They managed to hold on to Bordeaux for a while longer, but without the necessary reinforcements, we slowly gained ground on them. We managed to push the Germans back in the Netherlands, recapturing the city of Rotterdam. However, the Germans are pushing hard in Scotland, putting the city of Edinburgh at risk. Forces of both the Germans and the United States are closing in on Prague. With their supply lines at risk, the Soviets are unlikely to hold it, but who will get there first?