ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

During the Battle of Berlin event, we have been keeping a war log. In this log we described the progression of the event from the German perspective. If you are interested in reading all about it, you can find the log here!

War log: Aftermath

Even though the last war is still raging on and the rewards will still have effect for this war, the official event is over. With three victories for the Soviet faction, it is very clear who the winner was during this event. It was not quite the result we were expecting, or hoping for. However it has been a good learning experience for us and we will use that knowledge to make future events even better. One of the things we will make sure to do next time, is announce the event in advance, so everyone has time to get ready for the event.

We really enjoyed holding this event and it was a lot of fun to keep a war log. We of course hope you enjoyed reading, but more importantly playing this event! We are planning more events like this in the future and with some changes, we hope we can make the next event even bigger and better!

Of course we also have some statistics to share!

Let us start off with the players per faction. This is the total amount of individual players that has played at least one battle on a specific faction in the Battle of Berlin event. If a player has participated in several wars, he is still only counted once (unless he joined a different faction). We can see that Germany, with over 40% of the players, had by far the most players in the war.



During the event a total of 1,015,342 assault teams have been either deployed or reinforced.
In the image you can see how many assault teams have been deployed per resource type. We combined the assault teams into certain classes, to limit the amount of categories




There have been a total of 21.192 (war) battles during the course of the event
The United States has won 6500 battles and lost 5821 battles
The Soviet Union has won 7028 battles and lost 6332 battles
Germany has won a total of 7664 battles and lost 9038 battles


Next to the amount of total battles won, we also thought it would be interesting to only look at the capital cities. We have counted a total of 117 battles over capital cities. The Soviets took part in 104 of these battles. The Germans participated in 92 battles while the Americans only fought in 38 of these battles. The Soviets also had the best results in these battles, winning more than 60% of them. The Americans broke even, winning as many battles as losing them. While the Germans had the highest loss rate.


Last but not least we have also looked at which capital cities saw the most combat. As was expected, this had to be the city of Berlin. Almost all battles were between the Germans and Soviets on this town, except for 1. In which the Americans participated (and lost). The cities of Istanbul, Edinbourgh, Marseille, Oslo, Zurich and Rome also saw some minor combat, and have been combined into ‘other’.



*Note statistics have been taken from the start of the event until 30-4-2019 12:00 CEST