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The battle of Berlin started on the 16th of April 1945. For two long weeks, the Germans fought bravely to defend their great city. Hundreds of thousands of men lost their lives in the streets of the German capital. In this war log, we will keep you up to date on the latest news from the frontline.

War log day 14: Basetrade

Strange things have happened on the eastern front. We managed to capture Minsk from the Soviet forces, but while we assaulted Minsk, the Soviets countered on Riga and managed to take the city. The Soviets also assaulted Warsaw from the south-east and managed to get their hands on it. In the south the Americans seem to be taking ground from the Soviet forces, Budapest, Belgrade and Istanbul are all under American control now. The war continues!

War log day 13: Germany pushing all fronts!

After the fall of Scandinavia, our forces were scattered and beaten. After our defeat, we rebuild our forces and reclaimed our land. We launched a new war and booked great successes. We took the city of Riga from the Soviet forces and the assault on Minsk has begun. In the west we pushed into the Netherlands and managed to get close to Rotterdam. Unfortunately we were pushed back for now, but we are not done yet in that area. For Germany!

War log day 10: Copenhagen has fallen!

After some great pushes onto Rotterdam, the tides have turned against us. Berlin and Stockholm have fallen to the Soviet faction. Rotterdam regained by the Americans. All that we have left is the city of Oslo. Despite that, much of Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavia is still ours. The men are still ready to fight! We must regroup our forces, pick our targets and go into the offensive!

War log day 9: Berlin at risk!

Despite the many victories on the western front, the Soviets in the east have a foothold in Berlin. We have many brave men defending the city and we will fight till the very last man. The Soviets will not take this city from us. On the west, we are knocking on the door of London. Will we finally be able to capture it?

War log day 8: Rotterdam surrounded!

Poland has fallen to those damn Soviets. It did not matter how many we killed, they just kept coming. The German border is at risk, and we must reinforce the east to hold our enemies off. The west however, the west is looking well. Our mighty army has pushed hard on the American lines and as predicted, we have beaten them back and surrounded Rotterdam. Our march is far from over. London, Paris, one day we will own it all.

War log day 7: Siege of Rotterdam!

After a rough Easter the German faction has managed to push out of Germany into the Netherlands. The Americans are still holding Rotterdam, but with our forces marching onto the city, will they be able to hold it? They outnumber us at the Dutch border, and perhaps we should be scared of that. But should we really? The Americans are weak, it doesn’t matter how many men they bring we will take them down, one by one!

War log day 4: Counterattack!

The Soviets have taken Berlin from us! But they will not hold it for long. Our forces have engaged the Soviets in an attempt to retake the city. Battles will be hard and bloody, but the might of the Germans will not be stopped here! We will regroup our forces, repair and refuel our tanks, and we will fight for victory!

War log day 3: Italy in disarray

We may have lost the war, but where one war ends another one begins. Germany stands strong, we are holding on to the border between Germany and the Netherlands, and war rages heavily in the east, in Poland. While a steady front-line has been established in the north, the south is in chaos. Italy and the Balkan are contested between the Americans and the Soviets. The Soviets are at the doorsteps of both Belgrade and Rome. Will the Americans hold, or will the Soviets take victory in the south?

War log day 2: Berlin in Soviet hands

The battles in and around Berlin have been brutal, the Soviets managed to bring the city under it’s control but their position is far from safe. The Americans are pushing from west to east, while our own brave men are moving in from the north. Perhaps, we can use those foolish Americans, let them do the heavy work around Berlin while we prepare for the kill. Berlin will be ours once more.

War log day 1: Enemies in all directions

The enemy has been closing in on us, Americans to the west, Soviets to the east. They have reached the outer defences of Berlin, slowly taking more and more ground. Their tanks are rolling through our country, their men with their filthy boots stepping on our soil. We must take up arms to defend the city of Berlin! Go into the streets, knock on every door and call upon everyone to join our great effort! Für das Vaterland!