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1.13.2 Game Update: Don’t miss it!

In war supremacy in the air is everything. Keeping the enemy at bay in the skies means you can protect your troops on the ground and strike where it matters most.

The latest update to Heroes & Generals WWII includes 3 new medium fighter planes:


Which one will you choose?

FOCKE-WULF Fw 190 D9 – “Long Nose Dora”

A favorite with Luftwaffe pilots because of its superior turn performance and reaction times.

Focke-Wulff_FW-109D - Heroes and Generals WW2


Flown by the Soviet Union’s top aces and armed with 3 20mm cannon, able to inflict sustained damage.

Lavochkin_La-7 - Heroes and Generals WW2

MUSTANG P51-D – “Mustang Mk IV”

One of the finest all-around piston-engined fighters of World War II with the best roll-rate of any other fighter plane. Armed with 2 500-pound bombs.

Mustang_P-51D - Heroes and Generals WW2
Get a sneak preview of all 3 new planes. Then get ready to claim sovereignty over the skies!


We’ve improved your game experience by introducing automatic highlighting of objects you can interact with in the action game. PLUS you now have the option to switch hit markers on or off depending on your mood!

Check out the the change logs here for details.

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