ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Hotfixes 1.13.1

HOTFIX 156650 – [21.02.2019]

What’s New

  • Added a new Pilot Starter Bundle
  • Activated a 50% Off sale on new Pilot Starter Bundle


  • Bicycles have been tweaked to decrease slope penalty and increase terrain speed

HOTFIX 156382 – [14.02.2019]


  • Activated the *correct* Warlantine’s Day promotion 🙂
  • Deploy cost lowered for handheld weapons for close quarter combat
  • Deploy cost lowered for weapon modifications that can be equipped to those weapons (except scopes)

HOTFIX 155820 – [30.01.2019]

Bug Fixes

  • COLMAR HAMLET – Maschinenpistole 34 crates have been added to deploy areas.
  • COLMAR HAMLET – Removed the capture point locked gate and replaced it with a fence.
  • Added the option to lower or raise the amount of ammunition pouches for the Bazooka M9A1 and Ampulomet Model 1941.

HOTFIX 155695 – [24.01.2019]

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for newly unlocked maps not being enabled by default.
  • Fix for part of MK2 explosion sound being audible on the entire map.
  • Fix for the “Cat’n dog” sound bug (MK II grenade shrapnel sound issue).
  • Fix for Tank Ammo module destroyed attenuation.
  • Bazooka M9A1 sound tweak.
  • PanzerBüchse-39 sound tweak.
  • Ampulomet Model 1941 sound tweak.

Update 1.13.1

What’s New

  • New US Bazooka M9A1 Rocket Launcher.
  • New German PanzerBüchse-39 Anti-Tank rifle.
  • New Soviet Ampulomet Model 1941 Grenade Launcher.
  • Created Unlock for Panzerbuche 39 at Tank Destruction lvl 4.
  • Created M9A1 Bazooka at Tank Destruction lvl 8.
  • Created Ampulomet at Tank Destruction lvl 8.
  • Vehicle transmission destroy sound added.
  • Vehicle track destroyed sound added.
  • Vehicle fuel tank explosion sound added.
  • Turret damaged sound for tanks added.
  • Wing damage large, medium, small sounds added.
  • Vehicle engine sound ducking when ammo depot explodes added.
  • Vehicle engine destroyed sounds added.

Optimization & Balance

Armor Model

We have heard your comments on the armor model and we have been busy tweaking it for a better play and feel.

  • Added an armor quality value for each vehicle.
  • Lowered total hitpoints for all vehicles.
  • Lowered component internal hitpoints for all vehicles.
  • Lowered the max amount an armor surface can be worn.
  • Increased the amount of damage from ammunition and fuel.
  • Lowered the explosion radius of proximity mines.
  • A component remains broken until it has been repaired up to 50%.
  • The base structure total damage multiplier is no longer normalised.
  • When a mine is triggered by a vehicle, the damage calculation is based on the vehicles 0,0,0 point.
  • When triggered by or attached to a vehicle damage falloff over distance is disabled.
  • A proximity mine deals half damage, except to the vehicle that triggered it.
  • For all penetration damage, 1/2 of the damage is absorbed by the armor unless the armor is worn down.
Anti Tank Weaponry

With the introduction of the new anti-tank weapons, some existing anti-tank weapons serve too similar a purpose so they have been removed – however, if you already have unlocked these weapons, you keep them!

  • Removed SU Lend Lease Bazooka because the Ampulomet is now available.
  • Removed GE M1A1 AT-mine.
  • Removed SU M1A1 AT-mine.
  • Removed US TM-34 AT-Mine.
  • Removed US Tellermine.
  • Removed GE TM-35.
  • Removed SU Tellermine.
  • Removed US H3.
  • Removed SU H3.
  • Removed GE Bazooka.
  • Removed SU PanzerSchreck.
  • Removed US PanzerSchreck.
  • Moved thrown AT mines to Explosives Ribbon lvl 2.
  • Moved Grenadier Bronze to lvl 1.
  • Moved AT-mines to Tank Destruction lvl 1.
  • Moved Bazooka to Tank Destruction lvl 4.
  • Moved SU PTRD 1941 to Tank Destruction lvl 4.
  • Moved PanzerSchreck to TD lvl 8.
  • Ammo destroyed + fuel tank destroyed sound tweaks.
  • Vehicle ammo depot destroyed audio tweaks.
Other Optimizations
  • Animation Updates for US, GM, SU Support Vehicles and Half-Tracks (Enter, Exit, Switch Seat).
  • Faster fade out of hit indicator to increase visibility.
  • Lowered the sandbags by 10% to allow for crouch shooting.
  • Changed starting capitals as follows:
    USA > Copenhagen, Stockholm
    Germany > Bordeaux, Marseille
    Soviet Union > Moscow (unchanged), Minsk

Known Issues

  • Temporarily disabled hit verification sounds.

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