ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Welcome to Heroes & Generals WWII January update!

In this Update, you can grab 3 new anti tank weapons to defend yourself against those mighty armored vehicles and enjoy the latest tweaks of the armor model. More improvements have been made to sounds and animations as well. Read below for more details.


Ever ran into a tank as infantry and thought “I’m screwed”?
Now you can defend yourself against armored vehicles. Big time!

Which one will you choose?

The US Bazooka M9A1 Rocket Launcher Light Infantry Anti Tank Weapon, one of the most iconic weapons of WWII.

The German PanzerBüchse-39 Anti-Tank rifle, that fires a small but mighty cartridge at very high velocity and can be upgraded in the same way as the Soviet PTRD for greater firepower.

The Soviet Ampulomet Model 1941, a 125mm grenade launcher firing an FBM-125 anti-tank grenade easily capable of penetrating 90mm of armor.

You can now see all the anti-tank weaponry on the consolidated tank destruction ribbon. We’ve retired the lend-lease bazooka and replaced it with the Ampulomet for even more awesome firepower, but you can keep yours if you’ve already got it.


We have listened to your feedback and tweaked the armor model.
Last but not least, proximity mines now deal half the damage, except to the vehicle that triggered it.

We have also been busy fixing some animations, sounds, and more, go check the change logs here for details.

See you in game!