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In June 1941 the Red Army held off the Wehrmacht, defending the Brest Fortress against all odds. Now you can join in. Inspired by this famous WWII battle, the all-new “Krepost Russian Encounter” map is now live on Heroes & Generals WWII. Loaded with history, this is urban combat at its best. Up close and personal. Give it a try. We dare you.

New Tank Destroyers

The Panzerjäger V Jagdpanther, the SU-100 and the M36 Tank Destroyer are bringing formidable new firepower. Get a preview of their capabilities here.

New Recoil For All Hand Weapons

You told us you wanted better recoil. So we did it. New recoil for hand weapons. Aim better, make that kill count on all hand weapons, every time.

New Visual Identity

Finally we changed our logo to “Heroes & Generals WWII”. It is part of our vision for the future, which is to deliver high quality and elevate our game to a true franchise. Things are changing around here and for the better. More Heroes & Generals, more battles, more wins!

For more details take a look at the changelog for 1.13.

See you in Krepost!


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