ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Soldier. Wake up! The crack of dawn is here. It’s the perfect time for victory!
You had a good night sleep? Ready to kick some enemy butt?
Grab your gear and get in that first battle of the day to earn some well deserved experience!

Welcome to update 1.12.1 and the new Daily Bonus – a 50% experience boost awarded for first battle of the day to each of your soldiers.

Deploy to activate your bonus

Each soldier’s Daily Bonus is activated when you deploy him into his first battle of the day – no matter if it is the soldier you started battle with, or if he is a soldier you switched to during battle.
Once the Daily Bonus is activated, you get a 50 % experience bonus for that soldier – the bonus remains in effect until battle ends.
Only one Daily Bonus per soldier.
Not sure if you redeemed your daily bonus yet? If available, your soldier will show a small orange 50 % sticker next to his portrait on the Heroes-screen.

On the virtual battlefield of Heroes & Generals a new day starts at 05:00 UTC (06:00 CET / 12:00 am EDT) – that’s when the Daily Bonus resets.

A new overview

As a new player in Heroes & Generals you automatically get an infantry soldier belonging to each faction – Germany, Soviet Union and United States – but you might not have noticed?
We added a faction awareness filter to the Heroes-screen that by default displays all your soldiers from all factions. You can then choose to only see one or two factions – whatever provides the best overview for you.
A good example for Veteran players is to use the faction awareness filter as an overview of all their pilots or tankers regardless of faction.

The feel of war

War is an inferno of bullets, explosions and deadly fighter planes in the sky – something even a newly arrived soldier will experience when entering their very first encounter battles.
To strengthen the feeling of war for new players, we have added fighter planes to their first series of encounter battles.
The planes will fight it out amongst themselves in the sky and will not engage with the infantry soldiers battling for control of the capture point.
Hint: A soldier with a steady aim will be able to take out the pilots and be awarded experience for doing so.

You can read the full list of Hotfix changes in the Changelog.