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Known Issues

  • The updated sound engine (FMOD) may still cause issues related to volume over distance (attenuation) for vehicles and weapons on some sound cards. We are keeping an eye/ear on this.
  • AsusTek Sonic Studio 2 OSD (SS2OSD.dll) can cause crashes. We recommend you disable it if you encounter crashes.
  • Nahimic OSD (Nahimic2OSD.DLL) can cause crashes. We recommend you disable it if you encounter crashes.

Hotfixes 1.12.1

HOTFIX 153880 – [26.11.2018]

General Game Changes

  • To help new players understand what they have to do in their first couple of battles, we mark the objective with the squad command [ATTACK] – if it is controlled by your side it displays [DEFEND]
  • Visual / auditory feedback when hitting enemy players updated and improved
  • Performance optimizations focused on reducing stuttering

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a black screen issue occuring if settings file is empty
  • Fix for a bug where clicking notifications for expired battle reports would produce an exception.

Other Changes

  • Added logging tool to help debug player issues.
  • Updated how we write debug log to disk to prevent errors. Also renamed the log file to “hngdesktop-live.log” or in cases where there are issues getting server information it will be named “hngdesktop-null.log”
  • Anti-Cheat updated

HOTFIX 153506 – [19.11.2018]

General Game Changes

  • Changed daily bonus text from “50%” to “+50%”.
  • Game now saves the filter option for Soldier selection.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for bug where you get stuck with a black screen if connection to the fileserver/CDN is lost.
  • Improved logging of black screen bug to help identify remaining cases.
  • Improved synchronisation of “losing place in battle” timer between client and servers.
  • Fix for double scroll bug.

Update 1.12.1

General Game Changes

  • Daily Bonus + 50% rank xp for the first battle of the day for each of your soldiers!
  • Added an extra filter option for Soldier selection, giving you an overview of your soldiers across all three factions.
  • Encounter battles for players below level 2 now have PVE fighter planes battling it out in the sky.

Bug Fixes

  • Various timeout values adjusted to help players who had issues joining battles.
  • In game settings the language selection menu now shows the current language correctly.

Other Changes

  • Enable FPS graph in console for all player accounts (render.show_fps_graph=1)

For more information on the previous update here is the changelog for 1.12 – Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

So what are you waiting for soldier
– grab your gear and enter combat!


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