ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

You might have noticed that we skipped updating the Development Overview in september. The reason for this was, that we were finishing work on the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’-update, and the release of this massive update has a huge impact on what we are now working on.

You can find the link to the ‘Development Overview’ both here and in the top menu under ‘DEVELOPMENT’.

The work on the Krepost Encounter map, that takes place in the same Eastern European setting as the Khutor-map, has moved into In Development. And we expect to start playtesting this map on our Prototype Server before long.

You will also notice that we have moved three new tank destroyers into In Development; the Jagdpanther, M36 Jackson and SU-100. And if you are curious to see how the new additional faces for soldiers will look like, we have added a preview image of one of the new American faces.

Below you will find a list of what we have added and what we have updated on the Development Overview:

New Projects

  • Visuals: Recoil animations added to FINAL DEVELOPMENT
  • Gameplay: Squad Linking added to FINAL DEVELOPMENT


  • Gameplay: Vehicle Update – Damage moved to RELEASED
  • Gameplay: Vehicle Update – Deploy moved to RELEASED
  • Gameplay: Vehicle Update – Handling moved to RELEASED
  • Gameplay: Vehicle Update – Terrain Particle Effects moved to RELEASED
  • Visuals: Animation updates – Armored Vehicles moved to RELEASED
  • Tech upgrade: Physics moved to RELEASED
  • Tech upgrade: Sound moved to RELEASED
  • Vehicle: Jagdpanther moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
  • Vehicle: M36 Jackson moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
  • Vehicle: SU-100 moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
  • Visuals: New faces for soldiers moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
  • Map: Krepost Encounter moved to IN DEVELOPMENT
  • Environment art: Eastern European terrain – next maps Deleted (redundant)

Name changes

  • Map: Soviet Encounter renamed to Map: Krepost Encounter