ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

With the release of the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!-update we are introducing a new and more flexible Deploy System making it easier to setup a squad with your friends and to play the soldier you want to play in battle.

Setting up a squad with your friends is now as easy as choosing one of your soldiers and inviting your friends to join you in an infantry, tank, recon, pilot or paratrooper squad of two to four players. The size of the squad depends on its type. 

Or you can simply press “To Battle!” and enter into the combat as part of a squad composed of random players.

No matter if you setup a squad beforehand or enter the battle at random, when you are in combat you have the freedom to deploy with any of your soldiers regardless of the type of squad you are in.


War requires resources

You always enter the battle as part of an infantry, tank, recon, pilot or paratrooper squad, but as mentioned the new deploy system gives you the freedom to deploy as any type of soldier once you are in combat. If the necessary resources are available that is.

This means that you still can’t deploy as a paratrooper or pilot in a Skirmish Battle as the game mode does not support these soldier types. Neither can you deploy as for example a pilot in an Assault Battle if there are no pilot resources available for that battle.

Finally your initial choice of squad also ties together with the available resources. You might have entered as a pilot squad, chosen to spend most of the combat deploying your tank crew, but if pilot resources runs out your squad is still removed from the battle. 


War requires experience

The new deploy system in Update 1.12 removes the old auxiliary seat feature and instead operates with fixed squad sizes with up to four players in an infantry and paratrooper squad, three players in a tank crew squad and two players in a pilot or recon squad.

We are aware that some players want to coordinate more than “just” four players To this end we are working on a squad linking system, that will enable you to link two different squad in order to enter battles together. We hope to release this system soon.

Removing the auxiliary seat feature also means that Squad Upgrade Points unlocked on the Squad Leader and -Member ribbon are no longer used to modify your squad. 

Instead Squad Upgrade Points now give everyone in the squad an additional 0,5% of the XP earned by other members of the squad – that is a significant bonus for a squad of soldiers who has maxed out those two ribbons.


War requires vehicles

The new deploy system also gives you complete freedom when choosing what vehicles your soldiers should bring into combat. You are no longer restricted by the vehicle categories previously forcing you to only equip one of each type.

If you want your tank crewman to bring three light tanks and a tank destroyer to the frontline, or for your infantry soldier to have access to all three support vehicles during battle – just go right ahead and make the loadout that fits your playstyle. 


War requires maintenance

It takes time to prepare equipment, weapons and vehicles for combat, something that the new deploy system convey through the concepts of equipment- and vehicle field maintenance load.

Basically what happens every time you lose equipment and vehicles in battle is that you put “load” on the “imaginary crew” working to get you gear ready, and as a rule of thumb the bigger and more deadly gear you lost, the more “load” you are generating. This has an impact on what you are able to deploy with. 

Simply put it takes a while to get for example your next heavy tank ready for use if you just lost one in combat. You can then choose either to wait, deploy a lighter tank. deploy as a support gunner or maybe even deploy as infantry while you wait for your heavy tank to be ready once more.

You can watch the Update 1.12 Highlight about the Deploy System below: