ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

We need your help to test the upcoming Krepost Encounter map!

We are looking for your feedback on how to improve the gameplay and what you think of the overall flow of the Krepost Encounter.

Let us know if you find issues that break the gameplay. For example are there places on the map where you are able to squeeze through (or shoot through) where it does not feel intended.

Be aware that the map is still in an early state and a “work in progress” so everything is subject to change – especially the visuals.

Almost all surface textures are placeholders at the moment, and are going to look vastly different when the map is finalized – to be honest the map is not all that pretty to look at right now. So please disregard the pure visuals – we do not need feedback on the visuals.

Known Issues

  • The water in the moat is invisible
  • There are missing/white textures several places on the map.
  • There are placeholder textures (like the brick textures on the fortress itself)
  • Various shader-issues
  • Visual gaps in walls, roofs, ceilings and such
  • Map is not optimized, so it might run at a lower framerate than what you are used to


We are testing the gameplay flow on the new encounter map named ‘Krepost’, situated in the marshlands of Eastern Europe. So jump in and play the map, play to win battles. In addition to the map this prototype test also includes a new set of precision aim recoil animations, ie. how your weapon behaves on screen when you shoot while aiming (hold right mouse).

How long will prototype be open?

We will keep prototype open over the weekend until Monday October 22nd at 1300 CEST.


In order to participate, you will have to download the Prototype client.
You can download the client by clicking the link to

Download and install the client as indicated.

You will have more than enough Gold for testing purposes and grabbing the vehicles you want to play with! Please note that any gold, credits or warfunds are not transferred to the Live servers. What you do on the prototype server stays on the prototype server.


Q: How do I access the prototype server on Steam, Mail.Ru, or Hype?
A: Unfortunately, Prototype is only accessible through the standalone client. But you can use the same login, so you only need to download the stand-alone client.

Q: Can I play when I located outside Europe?
A: We have two different servers supporting prototype this time, one in Frankfurt, Germany like we normally have that gives good (or decent) ping for Europeans, Russians and most Americans, but we also have one running in Hong Kong so our Australian and Asian players should have a chance to play as well.

Q: Why is the downloading of the client progressing so slow?
A: During the initial opening of the server, there is a heavy load on download centers.

Q: What should I do if I encounter a crash?
A: If you experience crashes you should send the crash report right away!

Q: Does this impact my normal game?
A: No, You have a separate amount of credits, gold & warfunds as well as separate characters, weapons, vehicles etc. on the prototype server!

Q: Do I get the Gold, Warfunds and Credits back in the normal game?
A: No, the free stuff stays on the prototype server.

Q: Am I allowed to have fun?
A: YES! While this is a test it is also a game, so go have some fun! Check out other vehicles, factions and careers from what you normally play.