ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

We have made driving in Heroes & Generals a lot more fun with the just released 1.12 Update: ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!.

Each and every vehicle in the game ranging from the large heavy tanks to the ordinary civilian bicycle have had their physics redone. For example we adjusted the acceleration and speed of vehicles to match the real life values related to their motor power and weight.

Basically we tweaked all vehicles in Heroes & Generals to make them feel more correct while still keeping a balance between realism and fun to play.

At the same time we gave brakes an overhaul – especially the brakes on the tanks. If you let go of the gas, your tank will stop as usual. However, if you put the tank in reverse, it has the same effect as using the emergency brakes.


Tracks, tracks and more tracks

Previously all tracks in Heroes & Generals worked the same way, but that has changed with the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’-update. We now use the following three different types of tracks providing a more authentic tank driving experience:

Clutch braking

Basically you put the brakes on one track and turn by spinning the opposite track. This gives the tank a relatively small turning radius but also slows it down.
These types of tracks are used on all Soviet and most German tanks.

Controlled differential

You transfer motor power from one track to the other, turning by slowing one tracks and speeding up the other. This gives the tank a larger minimum turn radius but it does not lose as much speed.
These types of tracks are used on all American tanks.

Double differential

A separate axle transfer motor power from one track to the other thereby turning the tank. You can even turn on the spot by spinning the tracks in opposite directions. Los of speed is minimal but the tank has a larger turn radius at speed.
These types of tracks are used on a few German tanks.


Choice of wheels matter

The ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’-update also introduces a brand new terrain system on all maps. A system that makes sure that roads, grass and mud affects your driving like you would expect.

In all there are 11 different terrain types, from asphalt roads and rocks to forests and swamps, in Heroes & Generals that first and foremost have an impact on the speed of your vehicle. But terrain also affects the friction of the vehicle and how bumpy the ride feels. Speed is also affected by driving up- or downhill.

Vehicles all have individual off road and top speeds, and it is these speeds that the terrain has an impact on. This makes vehicles with a high off road, such as most tracked vehicles, much better suited for a drive through swamp than for example a motorbike with a low off road speed.

However as soon as the motorbike hit the open road, its much higher top speed will make it leave the tracked vehicle behind in a split second.

So make sure to adjust your tactics to your choice of wheels.

You can watch the Update Highlight on Vehicle Handling & Terrain below: