ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

War can seem an uncontrollable beast.
For that reason we have taken a look at how generals in Heroes & Generals interact with the war map, battles and interface – and more importantly how they manage their assault teams.
We have gotten a lot of great feedback from players taking part in testing out the improvements and fixes on our prototype server, and we would like to encourage all of you to participate and provide feedback when we have content to test.
In addition to reworkings of the interface assault team management, Update 1.11.1 also features a bunch of community requested quality of life improvements.

Better assault team overview

We decided to remove the old ‘assault team overview window’ as it added a layer of redundant interaction to controlling your equipped assault teams.
Based on player feedback we instead integrated the information and interaction into Generals on the soldier screen.


Similar to weapons we have made it so assault teams now function as equipable components using simple drag-and-drop. One of many small tweaks in this update improving overview and handling of assault teams.

Battle for major cities

Keeping track of what major cities are being fought over can be important to a General. That is why community member Vudu_guy suggested we highlighted major cities with an ongoing battle in the major city overview.
That is a good idea – so we went ahead and did just that.

Find the war battle

Community members Sivonya, Megaman and Tumult_inc were among those suggesting, that when you find a war battle via matchmaking, you should be able to zoom to it.
We thought it was a great way to a bring a bit more overview to the game.
We have also added a go to war location feature, if you want to know where a war battle, your friends are in, is on the map.

Faster battle report

If you are a General handling battles with numerous assault teams you might have noticed the game having to spend some time loading the assault teams.
We have made a number of adjustments increasing the battle report performance and making it up to 70 times faster.

Automatically leaving squads

If you are randomly assigned to a squad when entering a battle, you will now automatically leave this squad at the end of the battle – so you are free to enter new battles.
If you are in a squads that you or friends made before entering matchmaking you will ofcourse stay in this squad at the end of battle.
We also added a sound to squad invitations, as suggested by Community member Xanotos, making it easier to notice the invite.

Easier to switch factions

When you choose faction on the soldier screen we replaced the faction carousel animation to instead just show icons for each of the three factions.
One of many small details and fixes that makes the games user interface easier to navigate.

And much, much more

In all we have more than 50 community requested improvements and fixes in Update 1.11.1 For an overview of all of them please have a look at the changelog.