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Heroes & Generals launch in Chinese


Over the years, there have been quite a few Chinese-speaking players in Heroes & Generals, and a lot has asked for the game to be localized into Chinese so they can play in their native language. In order to provide them with the best gaming experience, today we release a Chinese-language version of Heroes & Generals.

We look forward to the Chinese-speaking players bringing friends and clans to the game, to join us, fight side by side with us, and have fun with us so we together can make a difference in battles.

One of the charms of Heroes & Generals is to bring together players from all over the world to play, communicate, and learn from each other and over time become friends while enjoying the game. Join us in welcoming more Chinese-speaking players to grow the game. Let’s be comrades in arms pushing the front line together and fight for victory.

多年来有相当多的中文玩家陪伴着H&G英雄与将军一起成长,。 为了给他们提供最佳的游戏体验,今天我们正式发布英雄与将军的中文版本。




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