ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Known Issues

  • Supply status bar for friendly and enemy ATs is not functional.
  • Destination location is not highlighted for Pilot reserve units.

Hotfixes 1.11.1

Hotfix 150912 – [20.09.2018]

  • Backend pricing structure adjustment.

Hotfix 150781 – [18.09.2018]

  • Fix for rare voucher-redemption bug, where it locked the depot.
  • Additional server configuration options added.

Hotfix 150474 – [11.09.2018]

  • Additional data collection points added for action game.
  • Battle Director (auto-resolves battles not deemed ‘fun’) running again.

Hotfix 150187 – [10.09.2018]

Hotfix 150187 – [04.09.2018]

  • Fixed: Chinese localization issue – displays “ERROR” instead of F5 in actiongame for new players
  • Fixed: Chat issues for chinese players

Hotfix 149778 – [28.08.2018]

  • Fixed issue with redeeming helmet-only voucher in the case where you only have 1 infantry but multiple characters on an account
  • Fixed issue when redeeming multiple vouchers in a row that requires a character
  • Close Quarter Combat Bundle – Some of the given items are shown as unavailable for that character

Hotfix 149659 – [21.08.2018]

  • Added GamesCom vouchers
  • Flash client exception when attempting to redeem voucher without owning the soldier that can utilize voucher content

Hotfix 149452 – [15.08.2018]

  • Added support for vouchers that have restrictions on character template and or faction template
  • Added better info for black screen issue, affecting some players
  • Increased player start credits from 25000 to 50000, to make it faster to get another weapon

Hotfix 149085 – [06.08.2018]

  • Fixed a text alignment issue for French language
  • Bug Fix: A number of players reported seeing only a black screen with a “QUIT” button in the top left corner. This has been fixed
  • Added debug info for the help ID rare client crash when parsing unique file list

Hotfix 148735 – [01.08.2018]

  • Fixed: Missing queue updates for assault teams waiting for resources
  • Fixed: Missing updates for resources used in action game in location stack
  • Assault Teams can no longer be equipped on low rank soldiers. (We had a bug that allowed for Assault Teams to be equipped on soldiers below rank 12. The bug is now fixed. Soldiers affected by this bug will get to keep and use the equipped Assault Teams, but will not be able to unequip them until the soldier reaches rank 12)

Hotfix 148608 – [23.07.2018]

Chinese language localization

  • Game is now available in Chinese. (We have added support for Chinese language. So if you prefer to play the game in Chinese you now have this option!)

Various fixes

  • Fixed: Retreated Assault Teams stay in flashing/inactive mode
  • Fixed: Fighter Assault Team disappears from stack listing after trying to move it to an uncontested enemy/neutral town
  • Fixed: Missing airfield highlighting for airborne supply units

Changelog 1.11.1

Payment Options

  • Added: AliPay (to be activated)
  • Added: Qiwi
  • Added: PaySafeCard
  • New currencies: AUD, CAD
  • New Icons: New payment product icons



  • Players who are randomly assigned to a squad; will automatically leave the squad at the end of the match. Squads made by players before entering matchmaking will not be affected by this.
  • Squad invitations are now followed by a sound, making it easier to notice a squad invite. (Thanks Xanotos)

Assault Team Overview

  • The ‘assault team overview window’ has been removed. The purpose of the overview window added a layer of redundant interaction to controlling your equipped assault teams, the information and interaction have been integrated into generals on the soldier screen.
  • Assault teams now function as equip-able components, similar to weapons. Uses drag-and-drop
  • AT-depot is shared among all general characters of similar faction, allowing for faster management of ATs
  • Generals’ equipment points are now persistent on the soldier screen
  • Added icon to show if an Assault Team can be upgraded
  • Added new information to assault teams
    • AT current location
    • Status bars for: Morale, units left of each type
    • Zoom to assault team location on war map
  • Added Assault team information box; Contains information about the current selected assault team. Information and options which was previously available in the overview window
    • “View details button”. It takes the owner to the general with the equipped team and shows the details of the assault team
    • Position in queue
    • Actions:
      • Leave queue
      • Upgrade unit
      • Disband unit
  • Faction resource overview is now a button on generals in the soldier screen
  • Faction resource overview now counts down instead of having a countdown for the countdown
  • Assault team shop is now a button on generals in the soldier screen
  • Improved highlighting of Assault Teams in corresponding lists within Soldier Screen and Generals screen
  • Morale is updated every 60 seconds for assault teams
  • Assault team numbers can now range from 1-999

War Map


  • Major cities with an ongoing battle, are now highlighted in the major city overview on the Generals screen (Thanks Vudu_guy)
  • Battlefield details have better overview of resources on a battlefield not in battle
  • Zoom slider has been added by default and can no longer be toggled off
  • Assault Team icons battle indication has been updated to a more performant variant
  • Default battle animation is now a bit slower, 1 update every 3rd frame instead of every frame increasing performance
  • Fixed so flames are shown and battles clickable when setting flame details to “high”

Assault teams

  • Hiding assault team tab when moving assault teams (Thanks Vudu_guy)
  • Assault Team list on Generals Screen now only has detailed view state
  • Assault team lists have been aligned in design and layout to provide a consistent presentation of information
  • Clicking on the “view details” button on the Warmap for an assault team, goes to the character that has the assault team equipped and shows the details of the assault team
  • Grunge pattern on Assault Team Icons removed

Other various UI changes


  • Friends list: Go to war location has been added for friends in war battles
  • Matchmaking: when you find a war battle via matchmaking you can zoom to it (Thanks Sivonya, Megaman and Tumult_inc)
  • Fixed news items not loading correctly
  • Major city indicators now zoom to major city in war map when clicked
  • Improved tooltip for major city indicators
  • Fixes trending arrows not displaying correctly
  • Improved handling of war update information right after a war has ended

Soldier screen

  • Changed faction carousel to persistently show each of the three faction icons
  • When clicking on a customization slot (helmet / uniform) switch depot tab to corresponding type
  • Soldier shop is now more responsive
  • Faction carousel animation removed to speed up faction selection


  • Ingame version of account creation screen is now shown when using ingame “Create an account” button (instead of the web version)
  • Loading icon is no longer stuck on sign-in screen
  • “Fixed: Forgot password” button performs no visible action with disabled Steam Overlay


  • Battle report performance, when handling battles with numerous assault teams, is up to 70 times faster. (The client would perform fine with small amounts of ATs, but a large quantity could cause more than 30 seconds freeze while loading the ATs)


  • Fixed 17 various flash client crashes (Thanks to all players for information regarding these issues)
  • Battlefield search no longer leaks a bit of memory
  • Feedback area moved down by 30 pixels, won’t overlap with windows anymore
  • You could private message a player that is ignoring you (by sending a friend request first)
  • Fixed new user flow: Stuck at faction selection when logging in with new user after logout
  • Fixed new user flow: Wrong main menu item is selected after first mission is complete
  • Fixed account screen: War bonds: Values are missing if the player owns no warbonds
  • Fixed exception thrown when pressing “to battle” multiple times with a soldier that has invalid equipment
  • Various Localization and text issues fixed. (Alignment and spacing)
  • Potential fix for player switch to fullscreen issue
  • Added several crash fixes after data from final prototype server behaviour

Hotfixes 1.11

Hotfix 148177 – [11.07.2018]

  • Fix for BattlEye getting stuck in loop on some Windows 7 machines.

Hotfix 148018 – [10.07.2018]

  • Additional BattlEye implementation
  • Fixed Turkish ‘i’ issues
  • Bullets now always penetrate destructables provided they do enough damage. E.g. bullets are never blocked by glass
  • Bullets now always deal MaxArmorDamage to destructables, which makes the amount of shots for breakage minimal
  • Destructable debris are now pushed by shots and explosions. Limited to 4 shot events and 4 explosion events per 50 milliseconds. (Tip: Big Bombs look awesome)
  • Tweaked rotation forces on debris to look better
  • Fixed crash related to destructable debris
  • Tweaked Eastern European Church window transparency
  • Disabled ability to remove shadows on far range
  • Disabled ability to turn off Flash GUI
  • Fixed crashing issue for starting up in D3D11 true fullscreen mode
  • Fixed a sorting issue with Veteran Memberships
  • Fix for client becoming unresponsive for several seconds for some players

Hotfix 147483 – [26.06.2018]

  • Fix for heightmap issues on Forest Skirmish, resulting in walking / driving above the ground

Hotfix 147427 – [22.06.2018]

  • Fixed a physX crash bug in action game – thanks vudu_guy (and sorry for the delay)
  • Fixed a render crash bug in action game.

Changelog 1.11

Maps & Vehicles

  • New Skirmish map ‘Khutor’
    (a big thank you to everybody who gave it a spin on prototype and gave us awesome feedback!)
    • New Eastern European Setting
      • New Eastern European buildings
      • New Eastern European props and other assets
      • New Eastern European vegetation
      • New Eastern European chapel
  • New Eastern European setting civilian vehicle: Universal-1 Tractor

Known Issues

  • We’re seeing a crash bug in the action game related to physics, the bug has been identified and a hotfix will be rolled out as soon as it is verified by QA.
  • Minor graphic issues on Khutor map; small gaps in chapel, some small props stay visible at long distance, a few props need minor texture realignment.
  • A few fence end-posts missing.
  • With all maps selected for ‘war’, the amount of maps the matchmaker is able to select from is shown to exceed the window layout.

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