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Update: Bug is fixed 19JUN18

We have identified an issue which affects players who have redeemed the “Cologne 2017” promotional War Bond on their account.
The promotional War Bond did not have a price value, which causes bugs.

If you view the Account tab (either by clicking on your player name or selection Options > Account), the game client will run into an error when attempting to retrieve and display War Bond data. This will in turn cause various buttons and menus to become unresponsive, and will prevent you from purchasing things like Veteran Membership. Any War Bonds you have will fail to display.

In short, don’t click your name here if you have redeemed this promotional War Bond:

What about a fix?

A fix has been prepared, which we plan to deploy during the next scheduled server maintenance.

Work around

If you accidentally click on the Account tab, please close the game client window and re-launch the game.
In the mean time, we recommend that you avoid viewing the Account tab (you can buy Veteran Membership via the Store instead).

A big thank you to ‘axelan’ and others who reported the bug to us.


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