ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

While the developers at RETO MOTO are still working on the important Mission Critical Projects outlined in the latest Letter from the CEO and in the Development Overview – the developers also find time to have a look at some of the issues brought forward by the community.
Earlier today we deployed a number of hotfixes to address feedback provided by the community.

Extra experience for defenders

Attacking the enemy and capturing control points is the way to win a battle.
However, forgetting to defend what has already been captured is a sure way to lose everything.
That is why we have decided to award players an extra bonus for defending a capture zone.
If you kill an enemy while within a capture point you own, one that is at risk, you are awarded an additional ten experience for a kill no matter if the enemy is inside or outside the zone.

Enemy vehicles no longer visible in deploy menu

We have made sure to hide enemy vehicles while you are in the deploy menu. Only exception are enemy planes – as long as they are in the air. If the enemy lands his plane it becomes hidden.

Deploy vehicles can not be unlocked by friendlies

Infantry Vehicles such as Trucks and Half Tracks can provide a huge tactical advantage as mobile deploy points. However, if a friendly soldier unlocked your vehicle, it lost this specific ability. That is why with today’s hotfix unlocking such vehicles as a friendly is no longer possible.

Warning when trying to enter spawn protected vehicle

If you try to enter a spawn protected vehicle while visible you now get an error message saying: “Cannot enter Protected Vehicle” – so you at least know why you cannot enter it.

End game win bonuses split evenly

We have made a few changes to the end game win bonuses making sure that it is now split between the soldiers you used in a battle. As opposed to each soldier getting the full bonus.
We think this is a more fair way of distributing the bonus.

Adjusting experience for pilots

When we released the 1.09.1 update last year we made a promise to continue to monitor possibly tweak experience and earnings to uphold balance and make sure all types of soldiers are equally interesting to play in terms of progression and earnings.
That is why we have made further adjustments to pilot to align them with the other soldier types.

You can always keep track of changes like these in our changelog.