ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Last August we set out to do weekly Dev Streams about Heroes & Generals taking full advantage of our brand new Twitch-studio and in an effort to provide greater transparency.

However, we want to be better at doing Dev Streams – and that is why we have chosen to pause the weekly streams for a short while to give us the opportunity to improve on the formats.

Your feedback is important

We would really appreciate your feedback to help us figure out how to do Dev Streams in a way that makes them relevant to you. 

Tell us what you expect from a Dev Stream – anything from content, setup and length to the amount of chat interaction, level of detail and anything else you can think of.

Please use the Forum tread below to pitch in with your ideas. Remember to be constructive and preferably somewhat realistic – and no we do not have the budget for a “live studio audience” or “sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!” 

The more specific you are, if you can link to or show examples the better.

Nothing is set in stone

If you missed out on the Dev Streams we have done, you can always go watch them on Twitch and on our YouTube channel

However, as we are ready to make changes to our Dev Streams nothing is set in stone – maybe the previous formats needs to go or evolve into something else. But just as a reminder, the four types of Dev Streams we have been doing are:

Q&A & Why: Reto.RedBjarne along with host Reto.Gargamel answers questions from the community – both questions submitted and voted on by the Forum users and questions from the live chat. 

Community Frontline: Reto.Circinus plays Heroes & Generals while answering a few questions from the Twitch-chat and telling a bit about what is going on in the Heroes & Generals universe.

Update preview: Reto.McFly and guests shows the new features and content for an upcoming update. This stream only airs when an update is almost ready for release.

Deep Dive: Reto.Robotron3000 and guest take an in details look at a specific part of the game such as weapons configuration or vehicle stats.