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UPDATE: If you didn’t have the chance to watch the stream live at Twitch, you can now watch the full stream on YouTube (above).

Today, Wednesday 24th of January at 1500 CET / 9am EST, we will try something new on our Twitch channel.

DEEP DIVE: Weapon Configuration – what is it?

We have decided to call it ‘Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration’, and this is what we’ll do! Reto.Christiano and I (Reto.Robotron3000) will do a deep dive into the mechanics that drives the gunplay in Heroes & Generals.

How does firearms work? From when you pull the trigger to the bullet reaching its final destination.
We will step through the various weapon configuration setup values that determine the different firearms and explain what the different values do.

We also want to make all these configuration values public, so we’ll also be talking about how to do that!

And a big ‘Thank You’ goes to all the players asking for more details, especially sfscriv for using the term ‘deep dive’ on the forums to help inspire the name, and nemotoad for asking me for weapon configuration information to help improve the wiki!

If you want a reminder, set it here on Twitch.

Here is a direct link to the Weapon Configuration data as talked about on the Twitch show.


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