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We love Xmas stories

One of the great things about this holiday is the many, many stories told the world over. No matter if it is serialized Advent calendars on the telly, new movies at the cinema or simply just the stories we tell each other when we gather as friends or family. We love stories.
That is why we tasked the formidable Atway with creating a Xmas story: “How would Xmas be like in Heroes & Generals?” we asked the Russian Youtuber and veteran player. We even lendt him the voice talents of Reto.Gargamel.
The result? … have a look below:


Xmas present for you

We also love Xmas presents – and of course we have a few of them for you.
First of all. For the twelve days of Christmas, we have 12 weapon specialist ribbon boosters to help you during the holidays.
Secondly. To help you and Father Christmas plan the major offensives and events in 2018 we have an all new Heroes & Generals wall calendar!
Both Xmas presents to be found in this blog post.


Last Q&A & WHY-STREAM of the year – more to come next year

Just in time for the holiday Reto.SantaBjarne and Reto.Gargamel sat down to do a last Q&A & Why-Stream for 2017. We like this format a lot as it is a great way to get to answer a lot of your questions, and we will return next year with more Q&A & Why-Streams.
Did you miss the Q&A & Why Twitch-stream? Not to worry you can still find it on Twitch and on our YouTube channel. If you want to submit a question for next time, you can do so here.
And remember to follow us on Twitch and tune in every Wednesday at 1500 CET / 9am EST, where we have a new Twitch-stream happening.

Also remember that community members Insider Marv 2.0 and Flint74  collects the answers given in the Q&A & Why-Stream in this forum tread.


Interview with Reto.JM

The always vigilant Jason Stettner from games website GamerHeadquarters just did an interview with Reto.JM focusing on the past year since launch and looking a bit ahead into the future.
Go have a read at the website.


The music of Heroes & Generals

One of the components of Heroes & Generals is the music of the game.
The music for Heroes & Generals was done by Danish composer Jesper Kyd. He has been doing video game music since the early 1990s and lived in a flat in New York together with Reto.RedBjarne, Reto.Lord and Reto.Mato in the mid 90s as well. So he is a good old friend of the RETO team.
Recently the people at Gameumentary did a documentary on him, that is available to watch on Youtube:


Just one more Xmas story

Community member Commander_Moon also did a short but nice little Heroes & Generals Xmas video – we think it is awesome:


So from all of us from RETO MOTO to all of you:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New War
– we look forward to an amazing 2018 together with all of you!