ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

We have a brand new map for the encounter game mode for you in the Update 1.10. We also have an impressive 42 new helmet covers, 14 new vehicle paint jobs, and five new weather settings.
Have a read below if you want to know what the latest update for Heroes & Generals is all about.

Colmar Hamlet – new encounter map

Situated with open farmland to one side and a shallow creek, at the edge of a forest, on the other, the ‘Colmar Hamlet’ map gives you a fight where aiming and moving from cover to cover wins the day.
The new map will provide new players with an easy-to-understand layout, while at the same time giving veteran players a rather different gameplay experience compared to the existing ‘‘Samrée Depot’ encounter map.
If you want more details on the Colmar Hamlet map, have a look at this blog post.

42 new helmets covers

There is no guarantee that entering battle as an infantry soldier dressed in matching uniform and helmet is a sure path to victory – but you will look good no matter if you win or lose.
We are introducing a large batch of 42 helmet covers for infantry soldiers, so now you have the option of matching your uniform to your helmet.
Have a look at all the 42 helmet covers in this blog post.

14 additional new Vehicle Paint Jobs

With Update 1.10 we are adding an additional 14 new vehicle paint jobs, so you can prepare your vehicle for battle. And we are working on even more for future updates.

You will find new paint jobs for these ten vehicles:

  • QMC-4 1/4 Ton Amphibian
  • CCKW Cargo Truck
  • M3A1
  • M3A1 – lend/lease (x2)
  • Blitz Truck
  • SdKfz 250-3 (x2)
  • GAZ-AAA Cargo
  • BA-6
  • M26 (x2)
  • KV-85 (x2)

Get at look at the new paint jobs in this blog post.

New weather settings

In Heroes & Generals we have four different Time of Day settings: Night, Dawn, Day, Dusk and three different Weather conditions: Slightly cloudy, Overcast, Foggy.
This makes for a circle of 12 different settings combining time of day with weather condition. However, we were missing five of these settings – these have now been added:

  • Night Overcast
  • Dawn Foggy
  • Dawn Overcast
  • Dusk Foggy
  • Dusk Overcast

More information can be found in this blog post.

Warfunds removed from underpopulation bonus

Reacting on feedback from you, the players, we have decided to rename ‘Underdog bonus’ in war to ‘Underpopulation bonus’ to make it more clear what it actually is – a bonus given to the factions with the least players currently online.
At the same time we have, again based on player feedback, removed Warfund bonus from the Underpopulation bonus.

Renaming the maps

We have started renaming some of the maps in Heroes & Generals.
The reason for this is simply that the current names originally was only intended as worknames – we just never got around to naming them properly. And we want to add a bit of personality and atmosphere to the individual map names.

In Update 1.10 we have renamed the following maps:

  • ‘Depot’ (Encounter) is now ‘Samrée Depot’
  • ‘Forest’ (Skirmish) is now ‘Sawmill’
  • ‘Hill’ (Skirmish) is now ‘Hill 60’

Other changes

Here is a list of some additional features in the Update 1.10 ‘Colmar Hamlet’:

  • Raised maximum distance for the spotting icon to be seen to 1,000 meter.
  • MMinor map fixes
  • Various UI updates.
  • …and much more

For a more detailed view take a look at this changelog.