Hotfixes 1.10.3

Hotfix 147123 – [19JUN18]

Hotfix 146873 – [13JUN18]

  • Add TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 to supported security protocols for web client requests
  • BattlEye Update: Fix rare issue for some Win 7 users with certain corrupted Windows files.
  • Disabled retrieval of some data on login, that could lead to stalls.

Hotfix 146539 – [07JUN18]

Hotfix 146182 – [30MAY18]

  • Battle rewards are now handed out to a random assault team of the type that the killer has used, in case he was in a tank or a plane – to ensure a more even spread of WF distribution to ATs
  • Speed up post-battle logging to avoid WF loss from server timeouts or stalls.
  • Updated anti-cheat

Changelog 1.10.3

  • Changes to handling of data to ensure GDPR Compliance
  • Updated Terms of Service, Rules of Conduct and the Privacy Policy; Overview of the changes:
    • Privacy Policy: Clarification on our processing of your data, including our collection of data through cookies and anti-cheat measures, further specification about the purpose of the processing and the possibility for you to exercise your rights in accordance with the GDPR.
    • Terms of Service: Adjustments of the provisions, including information about complaint procedures.
    • Rules of Conduct: Previously known as Rules and Guidelines, minor updates to ensure compliance

Hotfixes 1.10.2

Hotfix 145410 – [15MAY18]

  • Veteran membership ‘remaining time’ now updates again.
  • Removed negative experience for shooting your own mines.
  • Removed negative experience for destroying an explosive that damages an enemy player or vehicle.
  • Increased credit cost of the newly added vehicle paint jobs for the T34/85 to bring them in line with other paint jobs (bugfix).

Changelog 1.10.2

  • Implemented Anti-Cheat software BattlEye
    • More information about the new anticheat software can be found HERE
  • When destroying a friendly mine, you will now receive -10 experience
    • This change was done to encourage friendly players to avoid destroying friendly mines
  • Conefire has been lowered from 1.2 to 0.8 degrees for the PTRD
    • Based on Community Feedback tests were conducted and it was decided to make the conefire a little less so it’s more easy to hit targets in prone and crouch position
  • Conefire has been lowered from 0.81 to 0.7 degrees for the PPD-40
    • Based on community feedback that the SU SMG’s are underperforming
  • Conefire has been lowered from 0.78 to 0.7 degrees for the PPSH-41
    • Based on community feedback that the SU SMG’s are underperforming
  • PPD-40 & PPSH-41 slightly more dmg at range
    • Based on community feedback that the SU SMG’s are underperforming
  • Added small camera recoil when switching weapon (to avoid binoculars being used for easy targeting)
    • This is done to avoid players getting an instant shot when aiming with the binoculars and quickly swapping to rifles
  • Added three new United States vehicle paint jobs:
    • Added the Ardennes Four Color vehicle paint job for the M4A3E8 Easy 8
    • Added the Ardennes Four Color vehicle paint job for the M4A3E2 Jumbo
    • Added the Olive Drab & Black vehicle paint job for the M8 Greyhound
  • Added three new German vehicle paint jobs:
    • Added the Light Olive vehicle paint job for the Panzer II Ausf. C
    • Added the Light Olive vehicle paint job for the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther
    • Added the Light Olive vehicle paint job for the Sdkfz. 222
  • Added four new Soviet Union vehicle paint jobs:
    • Added the Vasyugan Light vehicle paint job for the T34-85 Model 1944
    • Added the Kutuzov Two Tone vehicle paint job for the T-34-85 Model 1944
    • Added the Vasyugan Light vehicle paint job for the T-26
    • Added the Kutuzov Two Tone vehicle paint job for the Ba-6

Hotfixes 1.10.1

Hotfix 144586 – [19APR2018]

  • Hotfix: No XP rewarded for killing a Mig-3 FIXED
  • Backend Database updated and upgrade – conversion took FOREVER – SORRY!

Hotfix 144416 – [17APR2018]

  • Fixed unlock issues with the non-mobile deploy vehicles
  • Fixed issues with searching for players
  • Backend fixes

Hotfix 144263 – [10APR2018]

  • Enemy ground vehicles are no longer visible in the deploy menu (Planes are still visible)
  • Fixed crash when repeatedly clicking the boost ribbon button in Ribbon Overview and Progression Overview
  • End game win bonuses are now split between your characters, as opposed to each character getting the full bonus
  • Further aligned pilot XP earning with other classes
  • Mobile deploy vehicles (such as APC’s) can no longer be unlocked by friendlies
  • It now says “Cannot enter Protected Vehicle” when trying to enter a spawn protected vehicle while visible
  • Added handling for no war bonds available for purchase in the war bond shop window
  • Players are now awarded an extra bonus for defending a point, if you kill an enemy while within a (contested) control point you own an additional 10xp is awarded for the kill

Hotfix 143784 – [19MAR2018]

  • Added Hong Kong server back in the list to improve game experience from esp. China and the Philippines.

Hotfix 143365 – [06MAR2018]

  • Added feedback if activation of ribbon boosters goes wrong
  • Fixed issue that prevented players from activating a ribbon-booster in the same session as it was purchased (thanks to player DubZ for reporting the issue)

Hotfix 143239 – [27FEB2018]

  • Moved Action Servers to cloud based hosting – read more here
  • Fix for unresponsive UI, if a ribbon booster expires while you are logged in.
  • Paraplanes are back to flying ‘maximum’ speed, instead of the erroneous ‘combat’ speed.
  • Bug fix: Crash in threadtimers, causing action games to crash.

Changelog 1.10.1


  • Factory Map Adjustments
  • A-line
    • A-line starting area moved slightly forward
    • A1A2 deployzone moved and extended slightly
    • A2A3 deployzone moved slightly and platform extended to make room for B-line
    • A3 and A3O2 deploy zone moved into two new buildings to make room for B-line
    • A2A3 deploy zone, added a line of trees and bushes in front of deploy zone to prevent spawn camping
    • A2 controlpoint, added an AA gun on the roof
    • A3 controlpoint, added Panzerfaust and Ammo crate
  • B-line
    • Added B1, B2 and B3 and respective deploy zones
    • Added new building ‘Water Station’ as B3 control point
    • Added a water tank area behind B3 as a flanking route
    • Added lake with three islands in front of B3 as a flanking route
    • Added walls, fences and closed doors in middle halls to separate A and B-line
    • Minor terrain changes to protect deploy zones and fit the new control points
    • B1 controlpoint, added an AA gun to give attackers some AA outside the main complex
    • B1B2 deploy zone, added some low bushes along the side of the road for protection
    • B2B3 deploy zone, added a bikeshed along the railroad to provide some more transportation
    • B3 controlpoint, added an AA gun on the roof
    • B3-O2 area, added a concrete slab, AA nest, barrels, civilian truck, sandbags and panzerfaust crate to make the chokepoint more interesting
    • B3-O2 area, added a doorway to lead attackers directly into O2 without going near O2 deploy zone
    • B3-O2 area, added a concrete slab with a ramp to lead attackers into the new doorway
    • B3-O2 area, added some crates and a pipe to guide the players eye to the doorway
  • C-line
    • Re-named the old B-line to C-line
    • C1,C2, C3 moved closer together to shorten travel time
    • C1 moved to the other side of the line to make space for D-line
    • C3, Gate now connects to the perimeter wall
    • All deploy zones moved to fit the new tighter controlpoint layout
    • Minor terrain changes to protect deploy zones and fit control points
    • C2C3 deploy zone, added two holes in the perimeter wall to loosen up the gate chokepoint and create a flanking option
    • C2C3 deploy zone extended slightly to create better combat angles
    • C3O1 deploy zone, added a hole in the perimeter wall to allow defenders another exit from the compound
    • C3O1 deploy zone lifted up on a concrete slab to create a one-way drop. Changed the scenery to make it look like a new building is being constructed
  • D-line
    • Added D1, D2, D3 and respective deploy zones
    • Added new building ‘Garage’ in the D3 controlpoint
    • D1 controlpoint moved in order to create a better attack angle for tankers so they don’t get blocked by the perimeter wall so easily. Terrain around lake area changed accordingly
    • D3 controlpoint, replaced wall between D3 and A3O2 deploy zone with a fence to create a flanking route for tankers
    • D3 controlpoint, added one more civilian truck to reinforce the garages identity
    • D2D3 deploy zone, added an AA gun between the deploy zone and D2 to give attackers some AA outside the main complex
    • D3O1 deploy zone is now bigger with more distance to D3 in order to prevent deploy zone warnings when capping D3. O1 deploy zone moved slightly to make room for this change
    • D3O1 deploy zone, added stack of crates to allow a second exit from the deploy zone for infantry via the wall
    • D3O1 deploy zone, added a fence, crates, barrels and a tree to provide cover between the deploy zone and the D3-O1 T-junction
    • D3O1 deploy zone, added two panzerfaust crates and an ammo crate in the closed off room in the storage hall next to the deploy zone
  • Primary Objectives & General Changes
    • Perimeter wall and fences added to most of the complex
    • Whole terrain moved slightly down to allow creation of a lake for B-line
    • O1 deploy zone storage hall rotated, edited and connected to the new perimeter wall to create acceptable gameflow for the newly added D-line
    • O2 deploy zone extended out to the new perimeter wall. Vehicle spawns moved to create acceptable gameflow for to the newly added B-line
    • Thinned out some background forest to improve performance
    • O1 deploy zone, added a doorway into O1 that allow defender infantry an entry point that doesn’t clash with attackers
  • Mountain Town Adjustments
    • Fixed stuck spot under landing stage (wooden boat bridge)
    • Fixed sunken shed near the iron bridge


  • Added new Soviet Union Paint jobs
    • Added Kutuzov Two Tone paint job for the GAZ-67
    • Added Kutuzov Two Tone paint job for the T-26 Model 1933
    • Added Vasyugan Light paint job for the T-70 Model 1942
    • Added Kutuzov Two Tone paint job for the T-34/76 Model 1942
  • Moved the Vasyugan Light paint job for the GAZ-67 from ribbon grade 2 to 3
  • Added new German Paint jobs:
    • Added Light Olive paint job for the Kübelwagen Typ 82
    • Added Light Olive paint job for the Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. L
    • Added Light Olive paint job for the Panzerkampfwagen Ausf. IV
    • Added Ambush DB paint job for the Panzerkampfwagen Ausf. V
  • Moved the Ambush DB paint job for the Kübelwagen from ribbon grade 4 to 3
  • Added new United States paint jobs:
    • Added Ardennes Four Color paint job for the Truck, ¼ ton, 4×4
    • Added Ardennes Four Color paint job for the M24 Chaffee
    • Added Olive Drab & Black paint job for the M4A3E8 Sherman
    • Added Olive Drab & Black paint job for the M4A3E2 Jumbo
  • Fixed promotional vehicle skins from the “Greetings from Cologne” vouchers not being shown in the Action Game

War Map

  • Added more factories on the map
  • Adjusted factories to vary between 2 and 4 lines
  • Tightened chokepoints in the Alps to provide a better defensive line for Rome
  • Tightened chokepoints between Bordeaux and Marseille to provide a better defensive line
  • Added more attack lines in the Götland area
  • Added more airfield options and lines at the Åland Islands
  • Fixed town names with letters like “Č” being cut off on top
  • Fixed mission preparation timer being slightly off
  • Fixed warfunds icon being shown even though there is no warfunds underpopulation bonus
  • Fixed an issue where the player could end up with a soldier of the wrong faction in War battles


  • Fixed an issue with store campaigns changing rapidly after selecting specific items
  • Control scheme changes:
    • Removed TAB from interactions. (Will be reserved for quick-changing through channels later)
    • Enter sets focus on the chat bar when pressed
    • Escape now hides the chat window and/or de-select focus from the chat bar
    • T/Y is only used for opening the chat window
  • Fixed exception thrown when opening ribbon overview after switching soldier in bundles list
  • Fixed currency bar disappearing after trying to buy a soldier with insufficient funds
  • Fixed ALT+TAB toggling chat when releasing TAB last
  • Fixed misaligned battle status text block “Battle being prepared | Battle Ready in : [time]”
  • Added missing feedback when the operation can’t be performed due to faction restrictions
  • Fixed low resolution icons in the Upgrade Weapon window
  • Fixed wrong tooltip being shown after equipping a soldier camouflage
  • Fixed wrong tooltip shown when hovering the mouse over the center of the screen when purchasing a ribbon level
  • Fixed misplaced yellow background of auxiliary dropdown
  • Fixed auxiliary slot being highlighted even though an invalid selection was made
  • Fixed unexpected rank 0 icon being shown in auxiliary dropdown
  • Fixed items retrieved from the depot not showing an error message when the player is missing the required unlock
  • Fixed vehicle disappearing from vehicle list when the same vehicle-type was used on a different soldier in the action game
  • Fixed displayed bundle changing after purchasing a ribbon level in context of a bundle preview
  • Fixed clicking a soldier’s rank icon not showing the current rank (when clicking the “next rank” icon)
  • Fixed a bug in the rank progression screen (for old soldiers that have career-switching enabled): The image for the first selected career was shown for all other career options


  • Headshot multipier lowered from 5x to 4x
  • Memory optimizations in the client to reduce memory usage
  • Performance improvements on the UI:
    • Improved performance when switching soldiers
    • Reduced lag and delay when equipping or unequipping equipment on a soldier
    • Improved transition time between soldier screen and several other screens
    • Improved performance for major city overview on the Generals screen
    • Removed delay when opening the ribbon overview
    • Added better handling of ribbon icons and reduced the re-drawing
    • Removed the timeouts from the bundle overview
    • Removed redundant loading when changing soldiers
    • Server-dependant times now update every second instead of every 10-15 seconds
    • Battle Report optimizations
  • Fixed “Show chat on Squad invitation” option not being remembered
  • Fixed “Disable ping warning” option not being remembered

Hotfixes 1.10

Hotfix 141726 – [17.01.2018]

  • Fixed squad invite not timing out
  • Gold prices have 2 decimals now
  • Adjusted gold package sizes and prices
  • Matchmaker now broadens tier after each minute instead of every 5 minutes
  • Fix for prone players being invisible when standing up

Hotfix 141397 – [09.01.2018]

  • Bug Fix: Fixed rare case where players getting up from prone in specific spots could turn invisible. Originally reported by Fubared – Thanks!
  • Resource Production Updates:
    • Infantry stockpile up to 850000
    • APC’s stockpile up to 10000
    • Motorcycles stockpile up to 60000
    • Recon Planes stockpile up to 6000
    • Fighter planes stockpile up to 1800
    • Heavy Fighter planes stockpile up to 1400

Hotfix 141110 – [04.01.2018]

  • Login database update.

Hotfix 141110 – [03.01.2018]

  • Bug Fix: Fixed wrong paint job being shown for M29 Weasel ‘Olive Drab & Black’.
  • Bug Fix: War update: War is shown to be won by “all factions” when logging in after a new war has started.
  • Fixed a post-battle function that could cause issues when losing a match
  • Removed Christmas snow login
  • Winter Sale ends

Hotfix 140837 – [19.12.2017]

  • Fixed error in ‘battle report notification’ showing wrong rewards
  • Winter Sale
  • Added auto restart to certain services (mostly to improve leaderboard service)

Hotfix 140767 – [15.12.2017]

  • Added fix for old transaction mails getting sent again.

Changelog 1.10

General Action Game Changes

  • Aligned soldier sorting in the Action Game to be consistent with the sorting in the ‘Heroes’ overview
  • When “Icon Fade” is set to off, capture progress can still be seen
  • Raised the maximum distance for the spotting icon to be seen to 1000m
  • Added new weather types (All weather types will be active in war, not all weather types will be active in Staged):
    • Night Overcast
    • Dawn Foggy
    • Dawn Overcast
    • Dusk Foggy
    • Dusk Overcast
  • Fixed ingame map being white/blank when spectating


  • Added new Encounter map:
    • ‘Colmar Hamlet’ is a small hamlet which has to be held for victory. Capture and hold the objective to win!
  • Re-named Hill Skirmish to ‘Hill 60’
  • Re-named Forest Skirmish to ‘Sawmill’
  • Re-named Depot to ‘Samrée Depot’
  • Mountain Town: Fixed terrain shape issue at riverbank near O2 iron bridge (Grid D5-6)
  • Mountain Town: Fixed sunken house at B3
  • Factory: Fixed hovering wall outside O2


  • Added new United States infantry helmet covers:
    • Army Green
    • Dark Green
    • Olive
    • Army Fall
    • Desert
    • Green Fieldcamo
    • Brown Fieldcamo
    • Black Fieldcamo
    • Hunter Swamp
    • Hunter Spring
    • Hunter Fall
    • Forest Fall
    • Forest Caro
    • Forest Moss
    • Nagual Caro
    • Cover Jade
    • Cover Jungle
  • Added new German infantry helmet covers:
    • Field Grey 41
    • Tan
    • Field Blue
    • Oakleaf
    • Green Pea
    • Field Grey 39
    • Leibermuster
    • Sumpfmuster 43
    • Splittermuster Mountain
    • Splittermuster Fall
    • Splittermuster Summer
    • Sumpfmuster 44
    • Field Green
  • Added new Soviet Union infantry helmet covers:
    • Red Army
    • Fall
    • Tan
    • Light Green
    • Dark Green
    • Swamp Green
    • Amoeba Leaf Swamp
    • Amoeba Leaf Summer
    • Amoeba Leaf Fall
    • Palma Amoeba Summer
    • Palma Amoeba Fall
    • Palma Amoeba Mountain
  • Added new United States vehicle paint jobs:
    • QMC-4 1/4 Ton Amphibian Ardennes Four Color
    • CCKW Cargo Truck Olive Drab & Black
    • M3A1 Ardennes Four Color
    • M26 Pershing Ardennes Four Color
    • M26 Pershing Olive Drab & Black
  • Added new German vehicle paint jobs:
    • Blitz Truck Ambush DB
    • SdKfz 250-3 Ambush DB
    • SdKfz 250-3 Light Olive
  • Added new Soviet Union vehicle paint jobs:
    • M3A1 Vasyugan Light
    • M3A1 Kutuzov Two Tone
    • GAZ-AAA Cargo Vasyugan Light
    • BA-6 Vasyugan Light
    • KV-85 Vasyugan Light
    • KV-85 Kutuzov Two Tone

War Map

  • Added morale limit indication on location stack assault teams
  • Fixed War is over showing negative values
  • Changed ‘Underdog bonus’ to ‘Underpopulation bonus’
  • Disabled Warfund bonus from the Underpopulation bonus
  • Added information about queue length for faction with no underpopulation bonus
  • Fixed supply window remaining open with active deploy button when the Assault Team deploys
  • Fixed text cursor remaining active when the cursor happens to be placed on the battlefield name


  • Added info about currency rewards from battles in the notification dropdown, added number separators to battle report notification earnings
  • Added number separators to player stats, weapon stats and vehicle stats on player profile screen
  • Added fallback for homescreen news feeds
  • Added fallback for missing war update info
  • Fixed an issue with the player level dropdown: Wrong icon shown for “Skirmish” and “Assault” game mode unlocks
  • Battle report: Assault Team list: Scrollbar could not be scrolled up once it was fully scrolled down
  • Battle report: Inviting friends from the Assault Team list didn’t show any feedback
  • Battle Report: AT list: The scroll-sensitivity has been reduced
  • Battle Report: Assault Teams in AT-list have now have a faction-specific color
  • The notification counter for pending friend requests is not animated anymore
  • Fixed multiple issues with the flash client not always remembering the correct window state (fullscreen, maximized, minimized) and scale
  • New ribbon boosters render (Store)
  • New investments icons for Veteran memberships and War bonds
  • Fixed flash content area not being centered after maximizing the window in the previous session


  • Aligned Tiger2 repair cost with the other Tier 2 heavy tanks
  • Fixed not being able to purchase helmet paints from the ribbon progression overview