In 1.10 we introduce five new weather settings: Night Overcast, Dawn Foggy, Dawn Overcast, Dusk Foggy and Dusk Overcast.

This is a follow up on the light setting tweaks in 1.09 and completes the circle of possible weather settings giving a total of 12 different settings that combines the time of day for a battle with weather condition.

There are four different Time of Day settings: Night, Dawn, Day, Dusk. And three different Weather conditions: Slightly cloudy, Overcast, Foggy.

The five new weather settings

  • Night Overcast
  • Dawn Foggy
  • Dawn Overcast
  • Dusk Foggy
  • Dusk Overcast

The rest of the weather settings

  • Night Slightly cloudy
  • Night Foggy
  • Dawn Slightly cloudy
  • Day Slightly cloudy
  • Day Overcast
  • Day Foggy
  • Dusk Slightly cloudy