ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

It is cold out there. Winter is coming – and so is Xmas!
At RETO MOTO we are working on getting the Update 1.10 ready for release, but we just had a piece of news that we just could not wait to share.


RETO MOTO partners with leading Nordic entertainment company Nordisk Film

We had cake, we had a bit of bubbly to drink, and we were very happy this monday. Today we can tell you why:

RETO MOTO has secured an investment from entertainment company Nordisk Film. 

The investment is part of Nordisk Film’s overall strategy of investing in talented Nordic game development studios. RETO MOTO is the fourth investment so far from the company’s investment unit Nordisk Film Games that has already acquired minority positions in Avalanche Studios. Flashbulb Games and Multiverse.

“The deal with Nordisk Film is very exciting. Partnering with such a competent investor is a validation of our mission to deliver the ultimate WW2 game experience and it will help us realize RETO MOTO’s full potential. We have our eyes set on aggressive growth in the international gaming market and we are pleased to work with the team at Nordisk Film to achieve our objectives”, says Reto.JM in a statement released to the press this morning.

And you might reasonably ask: What is in it for me?

  1. This new investment will allow us to focus on pipeline upgrades in order to prepare for scale and serve you better.
  2. We will continue our efforts to put you, the players, first, in order to stay relevant to and provide you with the best service possible.
  3. Our mission, as one team, is to deliver the best large scale multiplayer experiences, starting with Heroes & Generals,which will expand internationally through this significant investment.


More vehicle paint jobs incoming

You might already know that we have an additional batch of vehicle paint jobs arriving in the 1.10 Update.

And you might also have had a look at them and thought: “Where is my favorite vehicle?”

Not to worry. We are working on even more vehicle paint jobs for future updates – like the much requested paint job for the Panther Ausf. G you see above.


This is how we Xmas party

In case you were ever wondering what the developers at RETO MOTO do at the yearly Xmas party – we play games!

Games are in the blood of each and everyone at RETO MOTO. We love designing games, programming games, writing about games, speaking about games. But most of all we all really like playing games.

That is why this year we had part of our Xmas Party at the ‘Bip Bip Bar’ in Copenhagen – a bar that is filled with all sorts of arcade games. We spend a few hours playing classics such as Outrun, Donkey Kong, Puzzle Bobble, Gyruss or the the Funhouse pinball machine from 1990.

Below you can see a couple of photos from the bar:


Reto.Circinus and the art of warfare

RETO MOTO Community Manager Reto.Circinus recently did a Q&A with the good people at the multigame/faction clan The Art of Warfare ( on TeamSpeak.

And of course the whole thing was streamed on Twitch. You can find it here.


Congrats to TheCobraLP

Finally we wanted to say congratulations to Youtuber TheCobraLP for reaching 500 episodes in his series of ‘Let’s Play Heroes & Generals’. 

We are impressed by the amount of time and energy you, the players, put into doing stuff like Youtube videos about Heroes & Generals.