ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Hotfixes 1.09.1

Hotfix 140351 – [05.12.2017]

  • Added fallback for broken news feed on Bulletin page.

Changelog 1.09.1


  • Lowered the amount of experience earned by pilots
  • Player level adjustments:
    • Level 1: Unlock Encounter + Training matchmaking
    • Level 2: 10,000 credits + 24 hour veteran membership + Bronze matchmaking
    • Level 3: 5,000 credits + unlock Skirmish
    • Level 4: 5,000 credits + unlock Assault
    • Level 5: 100 gold + Silver matchmaking
    • Level 6: 10,000 credits
    • Level 7: Gold matchmaking
    • Level 8: 10,000 credits
    • Level 9: 10,000 credits
    • Level 10: 100 gold + 20,000 warfunds + unlock War
    • Level 11: 25,000 credits
    • Level 12: 50,000 warfunds + 3 day veteran membership + General recruitment unlock
  • Fixed location of skirmish battles not being shown in war
  • Fixed having 2 light tanks equipped simultaneuously due to bundles

Hotfixes 1.09

Hotfix 139652 – [15.11.2017]

  • Fixed issue with being able to queue for skirmish that was in area-reconnaissance mode
  • Fixed Assault Team info popup: Owner name of reserve units didn’t update properly
  • Fixed an issue with the news feed not correctly being shown on the bulletin page
  • Fixed issue with the matchmaker where players in some cases were not getting into missions when auto-squadded
  • 1-year Veteran bundle is no longer for sale

Hotfix 139405 – [09.11.2017]

  • Fixed crash when attempting to upgrade an assault team
  • Fixed issue with total amount of resources not being updated in towns on the warmap
  • Fixed issue with warbonds showing wrong info on interest
  • Changed wording of Icon Fade options to make them easier to understand
  • Fixed crash when retrieving unit icon for reserves on the warmap
  • Fixed crash when looking up reserves in a location stack
  • Fixed incorrect news items appearing on the bulletin page

Changelog 1.09

General Action Game Changes

  • Weather Setting Tweaks
    • More ambient
    • More brightness
    • More adaptation up and down
    • Adjusted up against each other and tweaked in both low and high graphics quality
  • Fixed transparent dark layer being rendered on top of soldier’s finger when looking at the ingame map


General Map Changes

  • Reduced the amount of bushes in the field boundaries by 50%

Medium French Village (Town)

  • A2-A3 deploy zone moved slightly west to the other side of the road and widened in order to create a better angle of engagement
  • Added a road from C2-C3 deploy zone towards C4, a bike shed was also placed near the deploy zone to facilitate faster transport
  • D1-D2 moved forward to field boundary to decrease travel time substantially and create a better angle of combat
  • D2-D3 moved forward and widened, added forest for cover and a bike shed in order to create a better angle of combat and shorter travel time for attackers
  • Cleared a path through the forest from D2-D3 to D4 in order to show attackers a vista and path to the bridge they are attacking
  • Fixed a bug where the D3-D4 deploy zone had a sunken wall
  • E3-E4 deploy zone moved between the river crossings in order to facilitate a choice when crossing the river
  • Added some rocks for cover on E3-E4 northern river crossing
  • Moved O1 deploy zone slightly back, removed red staircase in order to increase defender travel time to capture zone. Added a third city building on the riverfront to provide cover
  • Fixed a gap around the doorframe on the corner type buildings
  • Fixed a small gap between barn and adjacent house at A3
  • Fixed sudden transition with bump between dirt- and stone road between Church and A4

Mountain Town

  • A1-A2 deploy zone moved east away from the open road and onto a forest ridge to avoid farming from the mountain
  • A2 capturepoint, added a new hole in the perimeter wall to provide an entrance when coming from A1-A2 deploy zone
  • A2-A3 deploy zone moved east away from the mountain, a group of buildings have been added to create cover. The road has been moved in order to facilitate this move
  • Bike shed on A-line moved to provide bicycles and health crates closer to the updated deploy zones
  • Removed a stone fence near O2-A3 deploy zone which was blocking vehicles natural path to cross the bridge
  • B2-B3 slope has been roughed up a bit, and added more trees while also widening the deploy zone and adding a bike shed in order to make players exiting the zone less predictable to farmers
  • C2-C3 deploy zone moved slightly east in order to avoid natural pathing to O2 being blocked by the expanded O2 deploy zone. Forest has been expanded around this deploy zone in order to provide cover
  • E-line mountain north of E2 and E3 has been roughed up a bit and added more trees in order to make this area more interesting to fight in
  • Added a house along the road from E3 – O1. This will provide more interesting combat in this area, by providing a vantage point to control the movement between points
  • Added bikes and a civilian truck to O1 deploy zone
  • O2 deploy zone expanded substantially to now include three exits according to community suggestions. This should decrease farming. The area set dressing has changed in order to accommodate the larger zone
  • Moved hard to reach Panzerfaust crate at B2
  • Fixed flickering floor in garage at D2
  • Fixed visual gap in riverbank wall
  • Fixed slightly hovering boat near O2

Forward Airfield

  • Added row of trees along the C-line road to provide more interesting combat between C1 and C2
  • Replaced stone fence along C-line with a wooden fence for better artistic integration with new C3
  • C3 expanded according to community suggestion. The capture zone is now substantially larger and has two more buildings, as well as a vantage point barn on the flank
  • Added two more holes in the perimeter wall of O3 (Church) towards the deploy zone in order to make defenders less farmable
  • Widened O3 deploy zone slightly to make exit points from the zone less predictable


  • Extended factory wall at O2 deploy zone in order to cover defenders from farming from the hills


  • Added one more barrack, one more nissen hut, barricades, boxes and additional trees at the exit of O2 (Control tower) deploy zone to provide additional cover when leaving the zone
  • Added some trees behind O3 (E-bunker) deploy zone to block line of sight from the mountain behind to prevent tankers from farming the deploy zone


  • Hill Skirmish – Fixed hovering wood logs at South East deploy area
  • Forest Skirmish – Fixed wooden boxes clipping through attic-floor of barn at O2

Weapons & Vehicles

  • Scope view for all non-vehicle weaponry brightened up
  • Enlarged hole in FG42 rear sight for better aiming
  • Muzzle Smoke tweaks:
    • Muzzle smoke has been made darker/less prominent
    • Muzzle smoke speed has been toned down so you’re not as exposed when shooting behind obstacles
  • Fixed pistol Model 1934 barrel see-through issue


  • Added Bulletin page:
    • Added News & changelist to Bulletin page
    • Added Friendslist to Bulletin page
      • Added find friends within friendslist if you have no friends
    • Added social media links to Bulletin page
    • Warupdate added to homescreen
      • Warupdate Novice state added [Welcome text, Missing levels until Generals unlocks, current war name, Current war duration, Major cities held]
      • Warupdate Call-to-action state added [Welcome text, Call to action to select a faction to play as in the war, current war name, current war duration, Major cities held, each faction’s commandpoints deployed]
      • Warupdate Elite state added [Welcome text, , current war name, current war duration, Major cities held, each faction’s commandpoints deployed]
      • WarUpdate Post-War added (State for WarUpdate to present end of war information about who won, cities captured and deploypoints used)
      • WarUpdate Added Warbonds being presented in the warupdate when you earn interest or final payout from Warbonds
      • WarUpdate – Added update timer to retrieve new Warupdate
  • Fixed missing tooltip for ‘To Battle’. Was incorrectly hidden, added information when attempt to queue as general
  • When purchasing a soldier the list now scrolls to the selected one
  • First time viewing new tanker or pilot shows the vehicle tab in soldier overview
  • All factions shown in mission details, only the actives ones are fully visible, the inactive one is faded out a bit
  • Weapons and Vehicles shop update
  • Warbonds shop and ribbon booster shop updates
  • Ribbon booster shop only lists 1 ribbon booster when pressing 1 ribbon to boost, it lists all ribbon boosters when opening with no specific ribbon selected
  • Number separators added so 123456789 is now 123,456,789. decimal numbers are marked with periods – Based on your local settings
  • Players can leave their squad by interacting with the quick squad area and remove members if they are squad leader
  • War faction icon shown next to gamertag in player area
  • Friends list button now shows number of online friends in the notification instead of pending invitations
  • Friends list on home screen now explains double click feature for private chat in tooltip
  • Player profile and player stats moved to separate screen
  • Player level progression is a dropdown
  • Store promotions no longer come as a popup on login, since they are found on the Bulletin page
  • Adjusted spacings of various UI elements after prototype feedback
  • Soldier filter: Fixed white thin line after 3rd class name in dropdown
  • Fixed Join Channel: “Show All” overlapping with channel list
  • Fixed battlefield info for uncontested town showing unexpected Assault Team icon
  • Fixed Defender’s resources not being shown when hovering over the objectives
  • Fixed Unlock notification for Med-Kits saying “New weapon available” and “Purchase Weapon”
  • Fixed Med-Kits being listed as weapons for badge requirements
  • Fixed Med-Kits being listed as weapons on the Player Profile screen
  • Fixed Battle report: “Claim Veteran Bonus” being out of frame for 3-faction missions
  • Fixed missing error messages when unequipping/equipping ATs
  • Fixed scopes being misplaced/wrongly scaled in the small weapon display
  • Fixed Soldier screen: Wrong tooltip text being shown for 4th equipment slot for non-veteran players
  • Fixed soldier screen: Ribbon overview: Fixed “Booster”-overlay hiding the ribbon
  • Fixed Squad: Class icon next to squad name exceeding frame
  • Fixed Battle Info: 2 unlabeled icons shown in the top bar while in “Area Reconnaissance” mode
  • Fixed server shutdown UI after updates
  • New Assault Team store button
  • New Vehicles store button
  • New Warbond store button
  • New Booster store button
  • Added new icons for helmet and uniform subsections
  • Added new social media icons for Bulletin page
  • Added new external link icon for Bulletin page
  • Added new trending arrow icons for War Update


  • Added helmet covers:
  • German Helmet variations:
    • Field Grey Paint
    • Field Green Paint
    • Tan Paint
    • Testudo
  • United States Helmet variations:
    • Olive Drab Paint
    • Dark Green Paint
    • Army Fall Paint
    • Fall Two Tone
  • Soviet Union Helmet variations:
    • Red Army Green Paint
    • Red Army Dark Paint
    • Red Army Fall Paint
    • Karelia
  • Added new vehicle paint jobs:
  • New German Vehicle Paint Jobs:
    • Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer Ambush DB
    • Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer Light Olive
    • StuG III Ausf. G Ambush DB
    • StuG III Ausf. G Light Olive
  • New United States Vehicle Paint Jobs:
    • M10 Tank Destroyer Ardennes Four Color
    • M10 Tank Destroyer Olive Drab & Black
    • M18 Hellcat Ardennes Four Color
    • M18 Hellcat Olive Drab & Black
  • New Soviet Union Vehicle Paint Jobs:
    • SU-76M Vasyugan Light
    • SU-76M Kutuzov Two Tone
    • SU-85 Vasyugan Light
    • SU-85 Kutuzov Two Tone
    • IS-2 Model 1944 Vasyugan Light
    • IS-2 Model 1944 Kutuzov Two Tone

War Map

  • Re-rendered all battlefield maps (the map previews in the strategy game)
  • You can perform AT actions from the Assault Team details area for your owned Assault Teams (Deploy, Reinforce, Retreat, Cancel Queue)
  • Added multi move for AT stack on cities for your own AT’s
  • Location stack on cities no longer has Assault teams behind matchmaking / action game info
  • Added tooltips to describe multi selection options in 2 lists with assault teams that can be multi selected
  • Added Character Assault Team is equipped on Assault Team details box


  • Added options in the Action Game menu to select how HUD icons fade
  • Adjusted Brightness slider from 0.5 – 1.5 to 0.8 – 1.2
  • You can press ESC to close matchmaking filters
  • You can navigate away from player profile by pressing ESC
  • Entering a squad doesn’t change your current character anymore
  • Fixed the system correctly remembering last selected soldier
  • Improved character change slightly, fixed issue with multiple character change requests
  • Fixed various localization issues throughout the application
  • Fixed music title restarting from the beginning when muting/unmuting music
  • Fixed players joining a battle with vehicles that have no ammo equipped (resulting in a mission that instantly ends for them)
  • Fixed issues with window scale and state of the flash client
  • Fixed unable to press “Ready” button when a General is selected
  • Fixed that a skin could be given to a soldier that doesn’t have the unlock
  • Updated auto generated battle setups to address issue with no Mechanized Infantry meeting planes
  • Added a scenario where Medium Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Heavy Tanks will fight in the same battle in staged.
  • Missions require one Infantry or Paratrooper squad per team in order to launch
  • Re-enabled plane shake (Paraplanes will not have camera shake based on community feedback)