ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

With the release of the “Update 1.09.1 – Player Level Adjustments” we have made a number of changes to the rewards you get as you level up in Heroes & Generals.

We have made these changes to make progressing in Player Level a more smooth and fun experience for new players.

Overview of player level rewards

Below is an overview of the player level rewards and bonuses in Update 1.09.1:

Level 1: Unlock Encounter + Training matchmaking
Level 2: 10,000 credits + 24 hour veteran membership + Bronze matchmaking
Level 3: 5,000 credits + unlock Skirmish
Level 4: 5,000 credits + unlock Assault
Level 5: 100 gold + Silver matchmaking
Level 6: 10,000 credits
Level 7: Gold matchmaking
Level 8: 10,000 credits
Level 9: 10,000 credits
Level 10: 100 gold + 20,000 warfunds + unlock War
Level 11: 25,000 credits
Level 12: 50,000 warfunds + 3 day veteran membership + General recruitment unlock

We moved the 24 Veteran Membership from level six to level two.
We also upped the credit reward at level two, six and nine from 5,000 to 10,000 credits, and put a 10,000 credit reward in at level eight.
Finally we added a 100 gold reward to level five and ten.

Lowering xp for pilots

We have decided to lower the amount of xp earned by pilots adjusting them to match the other soldier types in Heroes & Generals
The reason for this is that we want all types of soldiers to be equally interesting to play in terms of progression and earnings. We want it to be fair to everyone, and to make sure that all players get a more balanced gameplay experience.
We will continue to monitor xp and earnings for all soldier types and possibly tweak them to uphold this balance.