ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Saturday 11th of November was the day that RETO MOTO welcomed nine veteran Heroes & Generals players to its headquarters in Copenhagen to take part in the very first RETO Insider Summit.

The RETO Insider Summit – Fall 2017 focused on veteran players and engaged community members to meet with the developers of Heroes & Generals. To exchange ideas and points of views in a relaxed setting.

It is safe to say that we as game developers learned alot from meeting the nine invited Insiders – and we trust that they in turn also learned a bit more about who we are.

The Insiders were great at bringing community feedback and concerns with them to the individual activities during the summit, while also taking care to express their personal views upon Heroes & Generals.

We want to underline that meeting “just” nine Heroes & Generals players in person, does not mean that we believe that the views expressed during the summit necessarily express the views of every community members. That is why our community managers spend a lot of time in the various forums to keep up with what is going on.

In this report you will find the meeting minutes, summarizing what was talked about during the The RETO Insider Summit – Fall 2017. 

Be aware that a lot of the stuff talked about during the Summit are just ideas and not actual designs, nor reflects any actual decisions. While other things mentioned might be designs but are not in actual production.

In conclusion we at RETO MOTO are very happy with how the RETO Insider Summit turned out. And we look forward to planning and executing the next one.

You can download the full Meeting Minutes as a PDF by clicking this link.