ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


As we are stepping into the winter season here in Scandinavia (!) I thought I would share a few achievements and directional thoughts with you, the players.

First I wanted to thank our team at RETO MOTO, they are talented and committed. Everyone sticks together, everyone helps each other and respects one another. This is a great advantage, it allows us to work more and more efficiently even though we are still small. I have enjoyed working with everyone a great deal so far, I am proud of what they have achieved. Congrats team!

Since I wrote last, the team has been focusing even more on your feedback, on putting the player first. Operation Glasnost is only the beginning, we will continue to focus on players feedback, on crafting comprehensive answers and be transparent, always.

Update 1.09, Battle Flow is hopefully a statement of that. The positive messages and the general upbeat feeling I have witnessed from the community is very encouraging. It galvanises us and strengthens our belief that we are going in the right direction.

We have fixed many bugs and made significant improvements to the game in 1.09, most of which were based on your suggestions. We are looking forward to your continued feedback!
To help in this process, we have set up the Prototype server to test new updates before they are released. We will continue to improve on this as we go. This is your opportunity to make a difference. I encourage you to grab it, log in to the Prototype server, and engage with us on the forums.

You might have also noticed that we fixed the server issues. Thank you all for your patience on this. It was a difficult task, the game is big, it took us more time than we would have liked to fix this. But we got it done. On behalf of RETO MOTO and the entire team I want to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.
Please remember to redeem your “Free 30 Day Veteran Membership” voucher before November 30th and note that you have one free Assault Team redeploy per war until the same date as a token of our appreciation for your patience and support on the issue.

Last weekend was a milestone for our community and for the company. We successfully completed our first Insider Summit.
This event, complex in its organization, which took place in our office in Copenhagen, allowed nine veteran players (Atway, Belgwyn, BrandonSolo10, d|ng, Lycrist_Katkiller, Marv2.0, nebraskawow, RadicalEdward2 and WarDaemon ) from all factions and from all over the world, to share ideas, provide feedback and understand better how the team works.
We already know it was a success because we had a great time with the Insiders and I have the impression the feeling is mutual. The team and I learned at least as much from the Insiders as hopefully they learned from us. We will follow up ASAP with a report. I can tell you already that we want to do it again, and invite more of you to participate in this type of event, so stay tuned.

Finally, I wanted to remind you what I wrote in the previous letter: that our game service, toolchain and backend – elements that players don’t directly see – have been taking a back seat for too long as the team had to prioritize getting the latest updates in front of the players.
We have to get back to work on these tasks for the service to provide the appropriate framework to deliver the features and content you love, efficiently and reliably. We are currently in the planning phase for all this, I will make sure to update you from time to time on our advancements on the subject.

As you can judge from the above RETO MOTO is evolving. It is getting more structured in order to deliver a better service for its players. The company still has a deficit in terms of structure and needs more resources. We are working on fixing that rapidly.

What allows me to wake up every morning and come to the office with a smile on my face, is that now I understand that Heroes & Generals players are dedicated to their faction, to the war, but also to the game service as a whole and this is what makes RETO MOTO and Heroes & Generals stronger.
The game will continue to evolve because of the dedication of players like you, because you care and because we need your feedback to deliver the best large scale multiplayer World War 2 Game.

See you in game!