ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

It has been a busy few weeks at the Reto-Moto headquarters. We had the Insider Summit, getting the 1.10 update ready while also releasing the Update 1.09.1. were we have made adjustments to the player level rewards and tweaked the xp earned by pilots – the details on the update can be found in the release blog post.


Test the Update 1.10 on prototype

We have put the 1.10 Update on our prototype server so you can test it and provide feedback before the update goes live.
If you go to the prototype server you can have a look at the new helmet covers, the new vehicle paint jobs and the new weather settings. And you get to battle it out on an all new encounter map called ‘Culmar Hamlet’.
We have made a forum section dedicated to public test feedback, please go there to provide your input.


Second letter from the CEO

“What allows me to wake up every morning and come to the office with a smile on my face, is that now I understand that Heroes & Generals players are dedicated to their faction, to the war, but also to the game service as a whole and this is what makes RETO MOTO and Heroes & Generals stronger,” writes Reto Moto’s CEO Reto.JM in his second letter to the community.
You can read the letter from the CEO here.


Devstream this week– record number of questions for the Q&A & WHY-STREAM

Once again Reto.RedBjarne was joined on the Q&A & Why-Stream by Reto.Gargamel. We had a record 171 questions submitted by you guys this time around, and Reto.RedBjarne managed to get through approximately 30 of them.
Did you miss the Q&A & Why Twitch-stream? Not to worry you can still find it on Twitch and on our YouTube channel. If you want to submit a question for next time, you can do so here.
And remember to follow us on Twitch and tune in every Wednesday at 1500 CEST / 9am EDT, where we have a new Twitch-stream happening.

Also remember that community members Insider Marv 2.0 and Flint74  collects the answers given in the Q&A & Why-Stream in this forum tread.


Insider Summit went well

Saturday 11th of November we had the very first Insider Summit at the Reto Moto headquarters in Copenhagen. The nine invited veteran players had an enjoyable time as did the developers from Reto Moto – it was a mutural benefitial exchange of viewpoints, ideas, thought and just plain fun.
We are working on a more extensive report detailing what was talked about at the Insider Summit that will be made available to all of you.
Meanwhile, we collected all our photos from the event in this blogpost. However, our favorite picture from the summit is the one below submitted by community member GermanSoldier.


The making of a Highlight video

Each time we do an update for Heroes & Generals we also do a video highligtinging the new content and features – these we call Highlight videos.
If you want some insights into how a Highlight video is made, you might want to follow our Lead Animator Reto.Colding on Twitch. Just before the release of the Update 1.09 he streamed while putting the Highlight video together. You can still watch both part one and part two on Twitch.


Anything can happen in combat

All Heroes & Generals players know that anything can happen on the frontline. And we really like it when you tell us about your more unusual experiences during combat – be it videos, gifs, screenshots or whatever.

The clip below was uploaded to the Heroes & Generals Subreddit by Porthgeidwad. And we really like the small story about showing mercy in combat:


Ever dreamt of taking down a heavy fighter – no problem! All you need is a truck as you can see in the clip below recorded from the players point of view:

And just to make sure you get to see just how awesome a kill this is, Reto.Christiano made sure to capture it from a different angle:

The Intelligence Bulletin is your quick brief about what is going on in and around Heroes & Generals. While the DevStreams and the forums are for the deep dives, this blog post series is an overall view – the Intelligence Bulletin will be published at regular intervals.