M1941 Johnson

Today we’ve rolled out “Update 1.08.1 – Weapon Tweaks” with three much requested and awaited weapon balances.

Weapons changed

  • MG 42 slightly easier to control and additionally so when crouched
  • M1/M2 Easier to control
  • Johnson slightly decreased precision mode performance and increased ranged damage

Back in Q&A & Why #1 Jörmundgand asked us to show statistics on stream on how all weapons are performing.

We showed stats on some of the weapons in Q&A & Why #2 and talked about them. Based on this we decided to investigate further and dig deeper into the stats. Based on these stats saw a need to tweak these three weapons.

If you want to see the three weapon tweaks in details, have a look at this highlight from Reto.Circinus’ Community Frontline #5 where he demonstrates the changes.

AND we’ve also added a fix for an issue with the strategy game where a faction could not win a war by taking major city number 15.

  • Fixed issue with war ending because of endless retries trying to fetch evicted data