ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

The Q&A & Why is an event where Reto.RedBjarne answer questions asked from the players in a livestream on Twitch every other Wednesday.

Do you have a question about what we are working on, why a certain feature works a certain way or other relevant subjects? Then write it in the forum thread below. Please note that you are only allowed to ask 1 question per Q&A and why.

The question thread for Q&A & Why #6 will be closed Thursday the 25th of October at 12:00 CEST and all questions will be collected and put up in a poll that will run until Monday the 23rd of October. The questions answered in each Q&A & Why will be ordered by the amount of votes.

Please only put an actual question in the thread – no discussions and other off topic text. If you wish to discuss something regarding your question, please create a separate thread and link to your post in the question thread.

After the stream we will open a new thread for questions and will repeat the process for every Q&A & Why stream.

Livestream Q&A & Why #5 will be uploaded as soon as it has been uploaded to youtube.