ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Travel to Copenhagen, meet the developers of Heroes & Generals, see what we are working on, and voice your opinion on the game!

You, the players, have always been very engaged on forums, social media, etc. This is very important input that we as developers greatly appreciate and draw inspiration from.

Once in awhile it is even better to meet in person, and reach another level of healthy dialog in a more focused and efficient way.

THIS is the Reto Insider Summit.

What is Reto Insider Summit?

The Reto Insider Summit is an event where Reto-Moto invites players to join an in person summit. These summits will happen at regular intervals. 

The theme of each summit will be different. One summit, such as the first one in November, might focus on dialog and feedback, while the next could be all about playtesting a new game mode or perhaps taking part in shooting a new live action trailer.

Attending a Reto Insider Summit should be regarded as a serious responsibility. It will often include high-intensity work sessions with Reto-Moto, and will require some preparation time for all participants.

If you are invited to a summit you always have the opportunity but not the obligation to represent your ingame friends, clan members and the entire community in general. And we hope that you will continue the discussion and share your experience with the community after the summit. At no point will you be asked or required to represent a Reto-Moto viewpoint or be expected to conform to standpoints preferred by Reto-Moto.

How can I be part of Reto Insider Summit?

You can apply by filling in the application form below.

For each summit we will invite a number of players among all applicants based on a series of criteria related to engagement in the game and the community.

As the themes of each summits are different so are the criteria for which players get invited. We will strive to make each invitation process as objective and transparent as possible.

The players invited for a summit will be publicly announced in advance of the event, and they will have “Insider” added to their user profile on the forums on our webpage.

No matter if you get invited to a summit or not, the application you submitted is still valid when the next summit is announced, and will be treated on equal terms with everyone else’s.

Reto Insider Summit – Fall 2017

The very first Reto Insider Summit is going to take place Saturday the 11th of November this year at Reto-Moto’s office in central Copenhagen and is a “by invitation only” event.

The handful of “Insiders” among the applicants will be invited to Copenhagen, free of charge, to represent their fellow soldiers and engage in a dialog on the development of Heroes & Generals.

The “Insiders” can look forward to a Saturday packed with activities and insight into how we develop the game. They will get a tour of the studio, get to hang out with the developers, and have fun.

The participating “Insiders” are also required to prepare for and engage in detailed talks with the developers on what is great about Heroes & Generals and what could be improved. They are to take part in game play sessions, and challenge the developers with the hard questions.

We will of course share photos and information from the Reto Insider Summit so you all can get a sense of what is going on at the event. 

Reto-Moto will cover the cost of flights, lodging and transfers to Denmark for the players invited to the Reto Insider Summit – Fall 2017.

When will I know if I’m invited for the Fall Summit?

Deadline for applications for the Fall Summit is October 4th – so be sure to submit your’s as soon as possible.

We will start looking at the applications right after the deadline. If you are among the invited players you should expect to hear from us no later than mid October – only the players we invite will get a direct response to their application.

We will publicly announce who the invited players are at the end of October, and those players will have “Insider” added to their forum profile.


Application form can be found here.