ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Roaring engines fill the sky as three new fighter planes take off with the release of the ‘Planes & Ladders’-update – and be prepared to compare your performance against other players in the new leaderboards.

New Medium Fighters for all factions

With the addition of new fighter planes all three factions now have two Medium Fighter planes besides a Reconnaissance airplane and a Heavy Fighter. Bringing the total number of planes to 12

The three new planes in the ‘Planes & Ladders’-update are:

The new planes are placed as the first Medium Fighters you unlock after Reconnaissance planes, and they are easier to control, so it eases the learning curve for new pilots in their path toward higher tier planes.

Leaderboards are back

You can now compare your performance with other soldiers across a wide variety of activities and achievements. The more than 30 new leaderboards covers not only classic stats like kills, headshots, etc., but also stats for support roles, tactical actions and how good the Generals are at commanding their troops in the War.

The leaderboard categories are:

OVERALL – ranking soldiers based on score, kills, headshots, etc.
SUPPORT – ranking by support activities such as first aid, deploying vehicles, etc.
TACTICAL – ranking soldiers based on their tactical performance.
WEAPONS – ranking soldiers by weapon usage.
VEHICLES – ranking soldiers based on their destruction of enemy vehicles.
ASSAULT TEAMS – ranking assault team performance and activity.

The leaderboards can be found at and they all show player performances from the last 30 days. So to stay on top, you will need to play.

Aditional sound tweaks

We have made some audio-tweaks for semi-auto rifles to make them easier to tell apart with input from the community – a special thanks goes out to BridgerCrags for his extensive feedback on the Garand!

Other Changes

Here is a list of some additional features in the Update 1.08 ‘Planes & Ladders’.

  • Optimized performance on plane particles
  • Changed ground handling of all planes (more conistent turn radius within the classes)
  • New vehicle impact sounds
  • Adjusted dynamics and volume (audio) on all planes
  • Slightly buffed P-40 Warhawks vehicle vs. vehicle damage

…and much more

For a more detailed view take a look at the changelog.

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