You are already devoted to the game and know every bit of it? Now we think it is time that you get to know the team a little better. So every once in a while we will introduce you to one of the people behind Heroes & Generals.


What’s the story of the tag?

Before I worked for Reto, I went under a very different name. My Reto name is in many ways a nod to my old, private username. In what way that is for you to find out! History has always been something I’ve been interested in, therefore I wanted to have something historic. The name of a god seemed very suiting. Why I exactly got to Hades, I’m not sure. It just felt right somehow.


What is your position and what does that mean?

For the first two years being part of Reto-Moto I have been active as support assistant answering support tickets. Nine months ago I moved to the job of Community Manager. I moderate the forums, gather feedback from you guys and organise some events like the RBS challenge. Unlike most other Reto’s I work from my home in the Netherlands. I still go to college so I only work as a part-timer.

What was the best thing to work on so far?

The last RBS challenge, where everyone could send in their Warstories, was awesome to work on. While in the end I slightly regretted the length of the written stories, it was a great project to work on, with a great many good stories to read.


What are you excited about in the future?

There are two things I most look forward to. The new tank versus tank game mode, and the armour system that comes with it, is something I’m very excited about. For the rest I’m looking forward to some much needed RTS changes.


What did you do before Reto?

I’ve never worked for any other game before Reto, I have had some small jobs before this one, but nothing worth mentioning. I study economics and still have two more years to go. So I plan to stay with Reto till at least the end of my studies. Or who knows, maybe I’ll stay after I’ve finished my study as well!


What is the best thing about working at Reto?

I really enjoy seeing what’s going on in the minds of our community. When I was a community member, I often spend hours upon hours of delivering feedback. Now it is my job to make sure the feedback you guys create, ends up with the decision makers. A task I take very serious.


What is your favourite thing about H&G?

This has to be the mix between my two favourite genres. Strategy and shooter. Every battle influences something bigger than just that battle. Even when you lose you can still have a positive influence on the war. Destroying just one more tank could mean the difference between victory or defeat in the next battle.


What are your hobbies?

My hobby outside of gaming is badminton. I have been playing it for almost 15 years now and I have been giving lessons to youth for almost six years. I just finished a course to become an ‘official’ badminton trainer, which was very educational and also a lot of fun


Favourite Games/Games that inspired you to have a career in games?

When I was younger I always played AAA-games, mostly because I did not know any better. About seven-eight years ago I started to look for smaller games, Indie games. While AAA-games look amazing, gameplay wise they are often lacking in content. Unknown studio’s need something ‘new’ to become a success. My two favourite genres are RTS and FPS. Some of my favourite games include: Killzone 1-3, Knights&Merchants, WWIIOL, Tribalwars and of course Heroes&Generals.


What are your favourite films, books and music?

When it comes to movies and series I mostly enjoy fantasy and sci-fi, every once in a while a war movie and… well… Disney movies. I sometimes read a fantasy book, though not very often. When it comes to music I am more of a metal-head. Mostly symphonic metal with the occasional folk/pagan metal song. Ayreon (though not really metal) is my favourite artist.


Random Fun Fact about you

The first campaign map battle ever, was created by myself against Reto.Greenbow (who was also a regular player back then) Unfortunately, that also makes me the first to ever to lose a battle on the campaign map.