ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


I thought I would give you an update on what we are working on as I want to keep my promise to keep the players involved in what we do.

I want to remind everyone that I am reading your messages, posts and threads, I know my teammates do too. We realise we need to give you more quality feedback on what we do, and answer your questions better.

We have started a more active participation in forums, Developer Q&A & Why sessions with Reto.RedBjarne our Game Director and other initiatives will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

We decided to lift the NDA on the Reto Reference Regiment in the forum to let you access this interesting content and engage in the conversation.

In the coming weeks we will increase the visibility on what we are working on at very early stages so you can give us more feedback.

I also asked the team to come back to you guys and restate what the game is and what it is not, how it will evolve in the coming months.

I want Heroes & Generals to be a polished, optimized and fun experience for all. This will take time and will require us to focus on some tasks that will not always necessarily be visible to you but that we need to prioritize in order to increase our velocity. We will keep you updated, and we are counting on your support and involvement during this transition to a better service.

I also need our company RETO-MOTO to be more visible in the eyes of the players and of the game industry. We have very talented folks here, who founded IO Interactive, created the Hitman series, others who joined along the way with additional sets of incredible talent. We want to show that we are bigger than Heroes & Generals and share our values and mission as a team.

While respect always needs to be mutual, trust is not something that is given to anyone. We at RETO-MOTO understand that we will need to earn it through our capacity to deliver. While you may have not always seen it, we are a team of dedicated, passionate and talented individuals and we are up for the challenge. We will get it done.

I will continue to update you from time to time on our progress. I know my teammates are looking forward to it as well.