ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Welcome to the Intelligence Bulletin – or if you are a veteran player we should say welcome back, as this blog post series is a reboot of the Intelligence Bulletins we started posting when Heroes & Generals was not even i Alpha.

The Intelligence Bulletin is meant to be your quick brief about what is going on in and around Heroes & Generals. While the DevStreams and the forums are for the deep dives, this blog post series is meant as a more overall view – the Intelligence Bulletin will be published at regular intervals.


Reto Insider Summit

This week we announced the Reto Insider Summit, where we will invite a number of players to join us in Copenhagen to engage in a constructive dialog on Heroes & Generals. You can read more about the summit and how to apply for an invitation here.


Server Issues

For the past week we have dedicated a lot of resources to pinpoint the server issues we experienced at the beginning of the week – you can get more details in this blogpost.
Also remember that all active Veteran Memberships are paused and Ribbon Boosters reset when servers are offline. And when we are past this episode and the servers are stable again we promise to make it up to you guys!


New helmets and map changes incoming

Initial plans have been set for some of the content and features is going in to the next couple of updates. We will finally get to see some different helmets and more vehicle paint jobs. Various cool UI-changes is in the works as well as weapon tweaks, bugfixes and more. We will go into more details when we have screenshots and artwork to show you.
We are also doing a bunch of tweaks to the existing maps based on great feedback from the community. One such change is to the O2 deploy zone on Mountain Town which had a tendency to get camped as it only had one exit.
Community member RadicalEdward2 provided a lot of input in this forum thread, resulting in us expanding the zone to have more exits and a bit more distance from the objective as can be seen on the screenshots below:

Devstream this week – early preview of the vehicle gameplay changes

Wednesday Reto.RedBjarne touched upon the future updates in the latest Q&A & Why-Stream, where he also took the opportunity to show off a very early version of the vehicle gameplay changes that we are working on. And of course he answered a bunch of question put forward by you, the players.

Did you miss the latest Q&A & Why Twitch-stream? Not to worry you can still find it on Twitch and on our YouTube channel. If you want to submit a question for next time, you can do so here.
And remember to follow us on Twitch and tune in every Wednesday at 1500 CEST / 9am EDT, where we have a new Twitch-stream happening.


Experimenting with war

Ten days ago we moved the German starting capital from Berlin to Belgrade on the war map as an experiment to see how it would influence the balance of the war. We will let this experiment continue for a few weeks before drawing any conclusions. We also plan on experimenting with disabling auto resolve and removing warfunds from underdog bonus.


Three forum threads you should check out this week:

Community member Donni- kicked off a thread organizing weekly themed events. Go have a look if you want a fun experience.

Marv2.0 is doing a great job collecting all the question and answers from the Q&A & Why-stream into this thread – much appreciated.

Oh and finally. Thedarkwarriorss wondered where we keep Reto.Gargamel captive when he is not hosting a Devstream. Asked and answered in this thread.